CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW: Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs

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 Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs

Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs by Sato Hisao

40 Pages
Children’s Stories / Activity Books
Laurence King
Age range: 8-12 years

The Make and Move Mega Dinosaur book is more of a craft and activity book and a reading book. It comes in a little box with an instruction book and lots of sheets of shapes and pre-cut dinosaur parts to enable you to put together your very own dinosaurs. All of the pages are clearly labelled and colour coded so you know which part matches to which dinosaur. The book includes 5 different dinosaur models.

Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs - 5 models

The book is pitched at 8-12 year old children, I have been trying it out with my son who is 6. He is pretty savvy when it comes to putting together Lego models and builds models much above his age range, so I just assumed he would be ok with this. But, if I’m honest I was wrong and the complexity involved in putting the models together was just a bit too much to him and if I’m really, really honest for me too!

Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs - instructions and templates

I will hold my hands up and really honestly say I am astonishingly rubbish at craft activities. I don’t get the appeal of Lego models and can never work my way around flat pack instructions. So I guess it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise that I just couldn’t manage to put one of these models together! Even my son was a bit bemused at my lack of skill and kept trying to correct me. And in terms of the T-rex, I pitifully gave up and told my husband to have a go. I know a tad cliche of me…

Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs - instruction guide

So I was interested to see how my husband did. It took him about 30 minutes all in all to put the Triceratops model together. He did comment that it was very complex and definitely not for younger children, but a challenging activity for older children. He thought the 8-12 age range the book is aimed at is about right.

 Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs - Triceratops Model

The model is pretty clever and you can actually move it around after it is built too.


Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs - Triceratops model 2.

My issues aside, this is a really fab little book for people who are more competent at putting models together than I am. It is definitely aimed at older children due to the complexity of the models and instructions. But a great gift, or even half term activity that’s a little bit different than a computer game.

Rating: 3/5

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9 thoughts on “CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW: Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs”

  1. Wow, these look amazing, and I’m sure with our origami experience I’m sure we’d manage just fine. The Little Man would absolutely love this!

  2. My daughter loves dinosaurs, although from experience I know that this sort of papercraft would just be left for me to do and her to play with afterwards! She’s only 5 so I might bear this in mind for when she’s older.


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