GUEST POST: 15 Things I’ve Learnt as a Parent

Today I welcome Jo from Cup of Toast to the blog. Jo blogs about family life, food adventures and everything in between. She is a mama to 3 boys (aged 6, 4 and 2) and several fur babies. Jo enjoys reading, writing and eating biscuits 

Jo - Cup of Toast

15 Things I’ve Learnt as a Parent

Becoming a parent can be akin to going on your own personal roller coaster ride. Sometimes you’re going up, sometimes you’re going down, more often than not you’re being spun in all directions. Along the way though, you can learn a few things, and this is what being a parent of three young boys has taught me so far…

…an entire room can be destroyed with one fairy cake;

…sleeping on the floor or by hanging onto the side of the bed is a regular occurrence;

…I can keep up a conversation with the postman/ Parcelforce delivery man for a full 5 minutes;

…I never knew that I had such aptitude for abridging children’s stories;

…junk food is a meal substitute after 9 pm;

…I congratulate myself on small wins. Like getting one limb into an item of my pre-children wardrobe;

…dancing around the kitchen can stop an argument;

…I can walk around the entire house missing every squeaky floorboard, in the style of Catherine Zeta Jones moving through the intruder alarms in ‘Entrapment’;

…it can be a necessity to sniff your child’s bottom when determining whether a smell was made through wind or other, well, you get the picture;

…getting stuck halfway down a soft play centre slide because I wore jeans instead of leggings happens;

…a kazoo is preferable to a drum, just;

…walking out of the house with toothpaste smears on my trousers is standard;

…baby wipes are magic cloths. They get rid of anything;

…wearing odd socks is a fashion statement;

…I can learn things from CBeebies too.

15 Things I've Learnt as a Parent

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That post did make me laugh, thanks Jo. Toothpaste on my clothes is such a pet hate, especially if my son decides to carry on a conversation while I’m brushing his teeth and it goes everywhere. Sniffing your child’s bum is essential as is abridging children’s stories some nights! 

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