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 DK Spiderman Books - Logan reading & smiling

DK Spiderman Books: The Amazing Book of Spiderman & The Ultimate Spiderman Sticker Collection

New books are always welcome and met with excitement in our house. With the release of the new Spiderman movie, DK Books sent us some Spiderman books to review much to my son’s delight.

 DK Spiderman Books

The Amazing Book of Spiderman

The Amazing Book of Spiderman is a fun book full of lots of graphics and drawings. Each page is dedicated to a character or element within the Spiderman world. From the Spidey Suit to Spidey powers and what life is like at the Daily Bugle, this book is the Spiderman go to reference book.

It comes with a free poster and lots of fun pull out pages with hidden sections in it, making it a really interactive read. The pages are bright and colourful and the text large print and easy to read. The text is all in little sections for it’s not too dense or overwhelming for a young reader. My son is just about to finish reception at school and is an avid reader and he was able to sit and happily read this book on his own.

 DK Spiderman Books - inside books 2

The Ultimate Spiderman Sticker Collection

The Ultimate Spiderman Sticker Collection complements The Amazing Book of Spiderman nicely. The front section of the book is similar to The Amazing Book of Spiderman with fun graphic pages with information all about the Spiderman world. This book is a little more story led – with snippets about events that have happened in the Spiderman world and not just more factual information.

DK Spiderman Books - inside books 1

The second part of the book is absolutely loaded with lots and lots of stickers. Over 1000 to be exact. I was going to say that there are more stickers than my son could ever need, but we all know that could never be true – I have no idea what happens to stickers in this house! I can see them appearing on all sorts of Spiderman inspired junk models over the summer holidays.

DK Spiderman Books - inside sticker book


 DK Spiderman Books - Logan reading

This is a great couple of books for any Spiderman or superhero fan. They are written in a way that is really accessible for early readers, and would be great entertainment for the summer holidays or even a summer holiday car journey.

DK The Amazing Spiderman Book RRP £9.99

DK The Ultimate Spiderman Sticker Collection £7.99

*Disclosure: These books were sent to us for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are our own.

12 thoughts on “CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW: DK Spiderman Books”

  1. My grandson isn’t really into Spiderman… yet. You can’t beat DK books, they’re always a winner.
    Well done to him for reading them 🙂

  2. My girls were very into Spider-Man after a superhero themed party so these look great. And what child doesn’t love a sticker? Great photos and a helpful review.

  3. We aren’t really in to superheroes here but I wonder if we will as my son gets older? Although I did buy a Wonder Woman dress for BookBairn #KLTR

  4. I’ve just bought something similar to this for a friends child. Sticker books are always a big favourite with the kids and you can’t beat a superhero one!

  5. I used to love books with stickers as a child. Except I was such a perfectionist and would get annoyed when I didn’t stick them within the lines!


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