REVIEW: Dirty by Kylie Scott

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Dirty by Kylie Scott (Dive Bar #1)
289 pages
Contemporary Romance
Published 19 April 2016

This book starts with a total bang and is quite frankly flippin’ hilarious. Imagine if you can, you have run away from your wedding, broken into someone’s house and they find you sobbing in your wedding dress in their bath tub as you come face to face with a certain part of their anatomy.

Scott has moved herself into the list of one of my favourite authors. It started with Lick which I loved and is part of her Stage Dive series, which is series about a rock star band and is awesome and I would highly recommend it. Dirty is the first in the series of her Dive Bar series and is also a spin-off. The Stage Dive cast of characters were all friends with the Dive Bar staff before they got famous, which is where the link comes from, but you could easily pick this book up without having read the original series.

Vaughn our hero and the aforementioned shower incident victim, is part of the Dive Bar crew. The opening scene sets the tone of the book and hooks you in straight away. Quite frankly, you can’t wait to read what happens next. How would you react to finding a bride sobbing in your shower? What would you do if you were bride? Some of the scenes are completely laugh-out-loud funny.

Lydia, predictably has issues and escaping a near miss in the marriage department is looking for an entirely new start – who can blame her? Vaughan is understandably not on her list.

One of the things I enjoy about Scott’s books is that the love romance she writes isn’t perfect. Because we all know love isn’t perfect. It takes give and take to get your happily ever after. Everyone has issues to work out. It gives her books grit and makes them more three-dimensional. Lydia and Vaughn are no exception. The chemistry between them is great, but I like that there is some building otherwise it wouldn’t have worked for me. There are times when the book is ragged and raw, times when it is super sexy and times when it is funny. Very funny.

Add to the story a cast of characters as Scott is obviously setting up a new series and building a new world, but also it adds depth to the story. I read this book last year, and re-read it again this year and both times I thoroughly enjoyed the story.


Completely hilarious contemporary romance that was a real page turner. Loved Vaughan and Lydia, totally awesome funny scenes and would make a great read for your summer holidays this year.

Rating: 4.5/5

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