Encouraging My Son to Read with Transformers Phonics Books

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Encouraging My Son to Read with Transformers Phonics Books

Encouraging My Son to Read with Transformers Phonics Books

I have to confess that I am immensely proud of how well my son is doing with his reading at school. He is in his final term of reception is he reading level is currently a year ahead. But when he first started reading after having an initial bust of excitement about it, all of a sudden he wasn’t all that keen. It was alien, it was hard and he’d much rather be playing with his Lego or in the garden than sitting with me looking at books. I can’t say I blame him. That being said, we’re big book lovers in this house and I think reading is important so we have persevered and we pretty much read every single day with him.

One of the things I also did was try and making reading entertaining for him. We started with fridge magnets – I like the Early Learning Centre ones as they have the ‘a’s the right way around. I gave him permission to write ‘naughty’ words on the fridge. I’m not talking anything major here – but give a 5 year old permission to repeatedly write bum and trump on the fridge and watch them giggle like crazy.

Another thing we did was buy some early phonic books in a subject he loves – Transformers. He really enjoys both playing with them and watching the TV shows, so I bought him the Transformers Rescue Bots: Phonics Box to encourage him to read. They are aimed at quite early – reception age readers. They are too easy for my son now, but actually that doesn’t matter as it means he can confidently sit there and read them on his own.

I wouldn’t say the phonics part is brilliant, although perhaps because they are American they use a different system than they teach in Logan’s school. It seems to teach in a different way. However, this really didn’t matter, it isn’t about the phonics or about how well it teaches or the structure of the book. It’s about teaching my son that reading can be fun and that is is the most important thing.

11 thoughts on “Encouraging My Son to Read with Transformers Phonics Books

  1. That’s great that you found a good series for engaging your son with phonics! Whatever works to get them reading is fabulous! #KLTR

  2. Those seem like such a good idea! Learning to read is so tricky, but if they’re reading about something they love it makes it less of a chore! #kltr

  3. I’d never seen these before but I’m sure my grandson would love them. Will definitely look out for them. Giving children something that they want to read is half of the battle.
    Thanks for a great post.

  4. These look great. I’ve had the same issue with my daughter (5). We’ve raided the library for Early Readers but I’ve found there’s a lack of consistency with levels etc between the different publishers. She’s enjoyed the Egmont Early Reader Thomas the Tank and Mr Men ones and reads them to her brother 🙂 I may have to have a look at these ones too! #KLTR

  5. This sounds great. I am a fan of phonics and combining with a child’s interest is a great thing to do. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I agree teaching that reading is fun is what counts!

  6. My daughter is similar – WAY ahead in terms of reading age but sometimes just can’t be bothered, especially with the books she brings home from school. I think you’re right that you’ve got to let kids read what they’re interested in. She can spend ages reading Minecraft books or Rainbow Magic, just not Biff, Chip and Kipper yet again! #KLTR

  7. I’ve done the naughty words on the fridge thing too, I think bum and poo were the first words my son learnt to read! Like you say though, anything that shows them reading can be fun is great. #KLTR

  8. Phonic books are great especially as this is how they learn at school and having a passion for the books subject is also helpful. #KLTR

  9. I think that anything that captures a child imagination and inspires them to read better is a good thing.

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