Making the Decision to Move House

Making the Decision to Move House

Making the Decision to Move House

You may have noticed I have been a little quieter than normal on the blog this last couple of weeks. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I have just been trying to juggle lots of balls at the moment. That is because we have made a big decision. And is often the case with my husband and I, while it can take us a while to make a decision, once the decision has been made it’s full steam ahead.

I’m very much a home body. I like to go away and have holidays, but I also very much enjoy coming home. Home to our place. For me, home is important, it is about my family and I and it is about feeling safe and happy. We have lived in our current home for nearly eleven years. My husband and I have got married in it and we brought home two children from hospital here.

We’ve toyed with the idea of moving home for a couple 2-3 years really, but before now the time has never felt right. There have been various reasons, mainly financial and staying in this home for example gave me the opportunity to give up work when I was pregnant with Aria. Which is something I am very grateful for. But at same time, I have felt like we have started to outgrown this house and that it is time for something bigger. We bought this house before we had a family and it was always meant to be a stepping stone, and yet it has been a good home to us too.

Moving house is exciting and daunting. Decisions such as are we making the right choice both in terms of property, but also financially with an increase in mortgage are at the forefronts of our minds. In our current house we have lovely neighbours and happy memories. We both hope that our next home will be too.

We’ve kind of done things the wrong way round as we have seen a house we really like before we have sold ours. And it’s got so many features we like, but we never thought we would get in one place. I won’t jinx it for by saying too much for now, you will just have to watch this space to see how things progress. Choosing a house is often about compromise and you will rarely get everything on your wish list. But this one is pretty close. So the next step is to sell our house and see if it is still available.

It has also meant that things have started moving incredibly quickly. Within the space of days we have had our house valued and today it will be going on the market and our first viewing this morning. Which has triggered some serious tidying craziness and quick painting here over the weekend too. Before a brochure has even been printed we have 5 viewing scheduled. Which is amazing.

And so our next adventure begins. We have agreed as a family it is time to move. In our hearts we know it’s time and now we need to sell our house that has been a good home for us and make sure we choose the right next one.

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