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My Favourite Five Books

Today I would like to welcome to the blog Victoria from Mummy Times Two. She is guesting in my series where different people share their five favourite books in a chosen genre. Victoria is an English teacher and has shared some fantastic thought provoking books. I have read Othello, but I’m not sure it’s my favourite Shakespeare play and I have been meaning to read Noughts and Crosses for a while.

My Favourite Five Thought Provoking Books with Victoria  from Mummy Times Two

Mummy Times Two

1. God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy


It is quite simply the most beautiful book ever written, I love the way she plays around with language, makes up words and explores ideas. But it’s here on the list because this is a book that challenges ideas and preconceptions and makes us think about the effect we have on the world and those around us.

2. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman


Sitting in the teen fiction category, this is a book that is equally suited to both a younger and older audience. The book is set in current times and reverses apartheid, but this is more than a political story, it’s a book with beautifully drawn characters who even the most hardened reader can’t help but care about.

3. Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery


No bookshelf, young or old should be without it. As beautiful as it is as a children’s story, if you haven’t read it as a grown up I challenge you to do so. Maybe if we all viewed the world like the Prince it would be a happier place to live.

4. Othello by William Shakespeare


No don’t switch off, I know it’s Shakespeare, I know it can be heavy. But out of all of his plays this is his most beautiful and his most powerful. It challenges preconceptions and makes us think about why we need to make up our own mind about those we love rather than listening to others.

5. Translations by Brian Friel


It’s a play rather than a novel, but as I read it in text format before I saw it, I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for including it. It’s a book set at the time of the erosion of the Irish language by the English, a book that questions whether something is the same if we call it a different name. I guarantee that whatever you think at the beginning you’ll have very different views of the end.

So what do you think? Will you give them a try? If you do I’d love to know what you think.

About Victoria

Victoria is the 35 year old slightly crazy blogger behind the blog Mummy Times Two. When she’s not being a mummy to her two equally crazy children she’s an English teacher, so books are certainly something she loves. Whether it’s reading, writing or walks in the countryside Victoria believes in loving the life you lead, and leading the life you love. Life is too short not to cherish the moments.

You can find Victoria on social media:

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My favourite five books will be back regularly on a Tuesday with another guest. If you would like to take part in the series, please drop me an email

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  1. Ah I remember Le Petit Prince from when I studied A-Level French. I never read it as a child but loved it then. I’ve really never thought to read it in English but I should get it for the children really.


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