Do You Wish Your Furniture Was Made To Last?

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Made to Last

Do You Wish Your Furniture Was Made To Last?

I think it’s fair to say that we live in quite a disposable society. If something breaks often it is cheaper to replace it than it is to repair it. Furniture never seems to last as you think it will. You only have to look at the recent photographs of Glastonbury, where there were fields of abandoned tents to know that people don’t hold things in the same regard as they did in my parent’s generation.

Made to last - jaybe-footstool-bed

Footstool bed guaranteed for life. 

When we first bought our house we made the mistake of buying our bedroom furniture cheaply from a large, mass produced, retailer. I don’t think it was much more than a year before it starting falling apart on us. The drawers collapsed out of their runners, until I just had to stack them one on top of the other and after a while the door on one of the wardrobes fell of its hinges. It really was shocking quality. So in the end we saved up for decent quality furniture. I looked at a lot of places until I found a company that made solid furniture, from real wood. No MDF in site. They are still going on strong 8 years later and I went on to buy my furniture from them for my children’s rooms too. Yes, they cost more, but in the long run they will cost me less.

Made to last - Dex-Design-Steady-Constant-Side-Tables

Side tables guaranteed for 20 years

Which was why I was really interested to start talking to the company Made to Last. Made to Last are a British company who sell British products, which are, as the name suggests Made to Last. Their company ethos is about quality and sustainability. Let’s face it, the throw away culture we’re in at present is not good for our environment is it? What are we going to do when we run out of landfill or natural resources? All manufacturers they work from are British, it’s great to support local industries too.

Made to Last - One-Foot-Taller-Cube-Lamp-Side-Table

Cube Lamp Side Table Guaranteed for 10 years. 

However, I think the really cool concept that Made to Last offers to its customers is a guarantee of just how long each product will last. If you see an item on their website you will also see next to it a number of years that that product is guaranteed to last for. If the product breaks within this time period the manufacturer will, as long as the item has been subject to normal wear and tear, fix or replace the item. Which is a really unique concept. Not only do they sell furniture, but they also sell electricals, clothing, accessories, soft furnishings and jewellery too. So there’s something for everyone.

Made to Last - One-Foot-Taller-Polly-Floor-Lamp

Polly Floor Lamp Guaranteed 10 years.

Some of the costs are higher, but if you know that product is going to be excellent quality, made by sellers that care, and absolutely guaranteed to last, I personally think it’s worth it. Based on my bedroom furniture experience it will be cheaper in the long run anyhow.

Made to last - Sterling-Silver-Broad-Bean-RingSterling silver ring guaranteed to 5 years.

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