REVIEW: My VQ Retro Mini Radio – Emma Bridgewater Pattern

My-VQ-retro mini-radio-Emma-Bridgewater

My VQ Retro Mini Radio in Emma Bridgewater Pattern Review

My husband has a little blue tooth speaker that I have never really paid that much attention to. It’s a grey thing it plays music from your iPhone – which is admittedly rather handy, but it is also kind of boring.

However, when I was asked to review the MyVQ Retro Mini Radio which is a DAB radio and bluetooth speaker my eyes light up. This little beauty from My VQ is a different story altogether. With it’s funky retro styling it takes it to a whole new level of coolness.

Made in collaboration with Emma Bridgewater, the clock itself has a leatherette finish, but perhaps the thing I love the most is that it is printed with a fabulous Emma Bridgewater pattern.

I was sent the retro mini in wallflower patter, which is a new pattern that has recently been added to the collection. It’s a purple flower pattern and as I love purple and florals, I instantly fell in love.

Looks aside, this little radio is full of some great features too. It has a DAB radio and you can flick through all available stations and pre-set your favourites. It is also a bluetooth speaker and connect with your iPod or iPhone. This can be music on your iTunes or music you play through Youtube also. It also has an alarm feature if you would like your favourite radio station to wake you up in the morning.

In general I loved this little speaker. It looks amazing, which in my world is a big seller. The sound was good and had plenty of bass. Top tip turn the volume up on your iPhone / iPod to get the best out of the sound on your speaker. The radio can be used with a main adapter (provided) or batteries. I found I used it with batteries more as I could move it about the house more easily when I wanted to listen to music.

I absolutely love this little radio and have used it so much since it was sent to me to review. Not only is it a radio, but it’s a statement piece too.

My-VQ-retro mini-radio-close-up-on

My VQ Retro Mini Radio RRP £79.99

*Disclosure: I was sent this radio for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. That radio looks absolutely beautiful. I’ve been looking for something like this for in our kitchen when it’s finished and this looks perfect! x


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