Children’s Wheelchair Charity Caps of Love Needs Your Help

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Charity that provides children with wheelchairs needs your help

Children in wheelchairs already lead challenging lives, which is why this news about a charity that helps handicapped kids being shut down is terrible.

During the past 3 years, Caps of Love was able to operate using storage units from Royal Palm Beach. The founders of the charity were able to rent 3 spaces, and another 4 that the owners of the place offered for free.

However, recently, the property was purchased and is now being managed by a third party.

“We wish Caps of Love the best with this wonderful cause,” said a spokesperson. “Unfortunately, the lease agreement precludes certain activities engaged in by the charity, so we have worked with the organisation to provide them time to find a new location.”

Valerie Mathieu, president and founder of Caps of Love, said that her new lease doesn’t allow her to operate as a business from the units, or even hang around in the storage space.

Caps of Love take plastic bottle caps that have been donated and recycle them for cash. The proceeds from those bottle caps are then used to buy wheelchairs for handicapped children. Mathieu stores the wheelchairs at the storage units, which was previously owned by Security Self Storage.

The charity’s daily operations include packaging the caps and shipping them out, which is being undertaken 5 days a week. So far, the charity have recycled over 153 tons of bottle caps, and donated 37 wheelchairs to children in Florida.

Caps of Love is a lot like the other non-profit charities operating abroad that help children the best they can. The charity may not be providing food, shelter, and education to kids, or working in developing nations that are ravaged by war, but what Caps of Love is doing is equally important. Without wheelchairs, kids who cannot use their legs will never be able to enjoy mobility like most children.

If you’re a parent and you find it in your heart to help this amazing charity, please contact them directly via their site’s landing page.

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