Ben’s Zone: Tropics Skincare Deodorant Cream Review

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Tropics Skincare Deodorant Cream Review


Tropics Skincare Deodrant Cream Review

Tropics Feel Fresh Deodorant Cream

Cards on the table, I have been known to sweat rather a lot. Not only do I enjoy exercising, I also work in my conservatory so when the sunlight gets strong in the middle of the day, I have been known to perspire a little. I was intrigued when I was sent Tropic Feel Fresh deodorant cream as it’s made from 99% naturally derived ingredients as opposed to the laundry list of chemicals I find in my usual brand. Here’s what I thought.

What I Liked

I liked the natural ingredients and the fact that I wasn’t putting chemicals on my skin, which can be really sensitive. I also found the smell quite appealing, it had a vaguely citrus edge. It was a little overpowering when first applied but not terribly so.

What I Didn’t Like

I wasn’t keen on it being a cream. I think this was most likely because chemicals are probably required to deliver the active components in another form, but it meant it felt quite heavy when first applied and I was worried about getting white marks on my clothing (which happened a few times). I found that the smell faded to a neutral smell after a while, this is ok, but for me, I like to be able to smell the anti perspirant I am using. That being said, after a 24 hour test which included a morning run, the Tropic deodorant was still working, so that is pretty good.

What I Couldn’t Test

I used a full container of the Feel Fresh deodorant but that didn’t give me time to look at long term effects on my clothes. My current deodorant often kills T shirts over time, making the arm pits yellow. But, although the Tropic deodorant left white marks sometimes, I can’t say if this would cause any longer term damage to the clothes.


The Tropic deodorant was pretty good in terms of performance, but I wasn’t keen on the texture and application of it. I don’t think I would buy it but this is less to do with the product itself and more to do with the price. It’s around £10 a tube and I got about a month’s use from a single tube. Though the deodorant wasn’t bad, I find it difficult to justify spending 4 times what I spend right now on a product that does the job as well, although not better.

*Disclosure: I was sent this deodorant for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Ben’s Zone: Tropics Skincare Deodorant Cream Review”

  1. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for your review, I can feed back your experience to Tropic HQ, research and development.
    I am wondering if you were too liberal on application? I have been using mine for 3 months and still haven’t gone through the bottle, which might explain the white marks on your clothes too.

    Of course you are so right, cheap chemicals create cheap products and there isn’t anything cheap about Tropic’s natural products.

    Good to hear it survived your sweat test well though!

    Thanks again, enjoy the rest of your summer runs. ????????


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