REVIEW: Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash & Concentrated Spot Treatment

merumaya luxury facial wash and spot treatment

Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash & Concentrated Spot Treatment Review

My skin is often the bane of my life. Acne ridden as a teenage, although it is a lot better than it was then, it is still very prone to breakouts. But, by my own confession my skin routine isn’t that great, although it has been getting better, I still find it hard to break my cleansing wipe habit! When I heard about Merumaya I was really intrigued to try it.

Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash

The Merumaya luxury face wash is designed to help people that are prone to breakouts, but also want a product that is anti-ageing too. It is clinically proven to reduce spots, appearance of pores and control moisture.

You can see why I wanted to give it a try? The notes on the website say that is should be used with a manual cleansing brush which I wasn’t provided with for the purposes of this review. I simply used it like a normal face wash with warm water and rubbed it into my skin with my hands. I do have a Boots No 7 Cleansing Brush, so I did give it a try with that on one occasion, but for the most part I just used my hands.

The first thing I noticed was that face wash did make my face feel quite dry after I had used it. Normally I use Dove soap when I wash my face and this isn’t a problem I usually encounter. So I did have to use either a face oil at night or a moisturiser in the morning pretty liberally.

I have used the face wash for nearly 3 weeks now, and during the first week I was a little dismayed to discover that my face started having more breakouts at first, but I decided to persevere with it. I realise now that I think the face wash was helping toxins to leave my skin and it needed to clear before it could improve it. At the beginning I was quite skeptical about it, I think it’s the affect of lots of wonder potions that often fail to deliver! But as the days passed I began to look at my skin and think, I think it might actually look better. Three weeks in I do think it has improved it.

I can’t say I have used the face wash religiously everyday for 3 weeks, but I have used it pretty consistently. It isn’t a miracle cure at all, but I do think it has helped calm my face down and helped reduce breakouts. I do find it quite drying, so I think what I am going to do is use it about 3 times a week with my cleansing brush. But is it an item that I will continue using after the review? Definitely.

Merumaya Luxury Face Wash RRP £16.50

Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment

Again, aimed with anti-ageing in mind, the Merumaya concentrated spot treatment is designed to soothe and reduce irritation and minimise scarring. Again something I was really keen to try! Unfortunately I have scars to accompany my lovely skin – I am forever grateful of good foundation, so something that can help with that is very gratefully received.

The treatment comes in a small tube, kind of lip-gloss sized, and again very much like a lip-gloss it has a little hole in the top where you squeeze some solution and put into onto the spot morning and night. If the spot is quite, how to put it… ripe, then it does sting a little when you apply, but other than that it’s fine.

Does it make a difference? Most definitely particularly if the spot is new, if I applied the treatment at night, there is a visible difference in the morning. Weirdly I found it worked better over night, maybe because I wear make up etc. in the day. So this one definitely gets my vote.

Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment £14.50

*Disclosure: The above products were sent to me for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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