Handbag of the Month – March 16: Ted Baker Ethereal Posie Travel Bag

Handbag of the Month

I have no shame in admitting how much I love handbags. Giving up work and having two children has put a serious dent in my handbag budget, but it doesn’t mean I don’t lust after them… Repeatedly. Handbag of the month is where I pick a bag that has caught my eye for this month, even if I can’t afford to buy it! 😉 Some might old, new, cheap, mega expensive… This is simply all about bags I love. 

Pick of the Month – March 2016
Ted Baker Ethereal Posie Travel Bag

Ted Baker Ethereal Posie travel bag

Ted Baker Ethereal Posie Travel Bag £169

It’s the time of year where people are starting to think about holidays. Well I am at least! I love holidays and the wonderful escape. I also love bags – as I’m sure you know by now. So bags to go on holiday with… total win. I not only collect handbags you know, I also have quite a few overnight bags and am often tempted when I see new ones. Bags associated with something I love to do, how can you not love them? I spotted this lovely bag in my local department store when I was shopping. It’s so pretty, it was probably more suited to my life pre-children, when I used to travel work. But it’s feminine and chic and I adore florals. It was hard to leave it in the shop!

*Disclosure: I receive no financial compensation for this feature, it is simply about bags I find and love.

8 thoughts on “Handbag of the Month – March 16: Ted Baker Ethereal Posie Travel Bag”

  1. Laura this is so gorgeous. I really do love your handbag posts. I think they are inspiring and you have such good taste. I think this travel bag would be perfect for me when i’m in hospital! However it’s not in budget right now lol but a girl can dream! Thanks for sharing. Angela from Daysinbed x


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