Handbag of the Month – Dec 15: Mulberry Antony Satchel Bag

Handbag of the Month

I have no shame in admitting how much I love handbags. Giving up work and having two children has put a serious dent in my handbag budget, but it doesn’t mean I don’t lust after them… Repeatedly. Handbag of the month is where I pick a bag that has caught my eye for this month, even if I can’t afford to buy it! 😉 Some might old, new, cheap, mega expensive… This is simply all about bags I love. 

Pick of the Month – November 2015
Mulberry – Antony Satchel Bag

Mulberry Antony Ox Blood

Mulberry antony oak natural

Mulberry Antony Bag £495

This is a bit of a Christmas wish list post, if money were no object. A bag I would simply love to add to my collection would be a Mulberry. There is no way on earth I can justify the cost of one, when you have children there is a lot you can buy with the cost of a Mulberry bag! But, wow they are so gorgeous. I can day dream… right? I love cross body bags as I think they are really practical with children and leave you hands free. Although I think I may have to add a little charm or something. I love the classic oak colour, but think I would go for the ox blood as it’s a bit different – how about you what would be your money is no object handbag?

*Disclaimer – I receive no financial compensation for this feature, it is simply about bags I find and love.

18 thoughts on “Handbag of the Month – Dec 15: Mulberry Antony Satchel Bag”

  1. I absolutely love Mulberry but I’ve never owned one and I doubt I ever will, like you I couldn’t justify that amount on a bag when we have a mortgage to pay and children to feed. But we can still drool over them! I prefer the brown, I’m a fan of brown leather it just goes with everything. I like satchel bag because they’re easier than the slippy slidey shoulder bags, but I do miss a good shoulder bag, a really fancy one that hasn’t been drawn on with crayons x

    • No I doubt I will ever own one either. They are so gorgeous and I am with you, love a leather bag. And yes shoulder bags often are slippy and slidy aren’t they which are no good with children.

  2. Mulberry… The bag of dreams! And the only place I’m likely to own one! I love the oxblood one but, and this is not likely, I think a once in a lifetime purchase like that I’d have to go tan. It’d age so beautifully. I really love the tote bags…one day Laura, one day 😉 x

  3. I love a Mulberry bag, but like you say, I cannot justify the cost when I have three children to provide for. Maybe once they have grown up I will be able to treat myself to one..but I imagine I will just end up lusting over them for the rest of my life. xx


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