Review & Introduction to Tropics Skincare

An Introduction to Tropics Skincare

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I had never heard of Tropics Skincare until a friend of mine told me about them. But for the uninitiated like me there’s a great story behind them.

Tropic is a new skincare range that is entirely natural, with 100% natural ingredients. Even the preservative is made from a plant ingredient. It has no chemicals, is vegan and PETA certified and is not test on animals at any stage of the manufacturing process.

The founder Susan Ma appeared on the Apprentice in 2010. She made it down to the last 3. In her interview with Lord Sugar she said she wanted her business to turn over £1million in its first year. Lord Sugar’s response? He fired her. No business turns over a million in its first year, he said. 

However, after the show Lord Sugar had the time and watch all of the footage and was so impressed by what he saw he invested as a 50/50 business partner. To date this is the only business from The Apprentice whom he has invested in who wasn’t a winner.

2013 they opened for business. At the end of their first year, guess what the turnover was? Over £2million! Imagine being a fly on the wall when Susie phoned Lord Sugar to tell him he was wrong.

My Review of the Products

My friend Joanne has become an ambassador for Tropic Skincare and so has sent me a few samples of the products for me to try and see what I think. You may have met Joanne on my blog before, when she wrote about her experience of Endometriosis. As Tropic Skincare is based on a work from home model, it gives Joanne the perfect way to work around her illness. I am also a girl who likes to support her friends, so was happy to write about Tropics in order to support Joanne. I must stress though that all of my opinions, as always in reviews, are my own and honest.

The products that Joanne sent me to try were – the hand therapy, smoothing cleanser, face smooth brightening polish, eye revive age defying cream concentrate, age defying facial oil, Body love firming butter cream and nourishing cream concentrate.

The first thing I have to say is that every product smelt amazing – no exaggeration – amazing. There were some products I loved more than others, but overall they were really lovely. Let’s start with the hand therapy a silky feel to it. My hands get incredibly dry and if I do not moisturise them regularly in the winter, they will split. So I actually prefer a more intense hand cream, but I could not get enough of how it smelled.

The next product I tried was the cleanser, this is great and really moisturising at the same time, it struggled to get my liquid eye liner off, but didn’t leave my skin leaving feeling tight like a lot of cleansers do. I followed this up with the age defying facial oil and this stuff is gorgeous! My skin felt so fabulously soft after using it. I was surprised at how lovely and soft.

I then tried the eye revive and I think I might be in love – I am seriously considering buying this one for myself, also I had a small patch of eczema on my eye when I applied this cream. The next morning the eczema was so much better. I also just like how my eye seemed a little less puffy in the morning and given the fact I had had five hours sleep that night due to a poorly baby, that was saying something! I can feel my credit card calling…

I was given two moisturisers to try the body love and the nourishing cream concentrate. I think my skin is a little odd with moisturisers, or I am just dead fussy as I have such combination skin. Very dry in places, but still prone to be oily and breakouts. So while they were nice, I didn’t feel they were not quite right for me.

On a separate occasion I used the face smooth brightening polish, I think I may have used a little too much in my application as it was a little abrasive. But I tell you what, it does exactly what it says on the tin. My skin felt so, so smooth and soft after using it. I also noticed a difference in the redness I often get with my skin too, it looked calmer. I have some more of the sample left, so I am going to persevere with it and give it a couple more tries, as I suspect I may end up buying this one too.

Find out more about the products and shop with Joanne here.

*I received no financial compensation for this post. I was sent a few samples to try, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Review & Introduction to Tropics Skincare”

  1. These products sound so interesting! I’m really fussy what I use on my face as I’ve always had fairly clear skin and I want it to stay that way, I may well have a look at their website though! Xx

  2. Some of these products sound really appealing. Shame the whole range isn’t ideal for combination skin- that’s what I’m blessed with too! Have you found anything that really works for you?

    • Hello,
      Susie’s (the founders) philosophy on types of skin is to use more or little as your skin needs, rather than have different products.
      Perhaps worth a play with your own products and see if that makes a difference?
      Joanne ????

    • MY daughter is 17 and has acne and combination skin. She uses products suitable for her skin and it has made a huge difference. They also make a balm to treat scars etc and this has really helped too. I have atopic eczema which after a year has completely gone from my face.


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