My Christmas Decoration Wishlist

Christmas Decoration wishlist

My Christmas Decoration Wishlist

Oh I absolutely love Christmas, it really is such a wonderful time of year and there is nothing better than putting up all of the decorations up in the house. I have tried to find some slightly unusual ones for you in this feature, I also have a bit of a thing for lights (as you might tell). I couldn’t resist putting the Snowman and Snowdog decoration as my son adored the film so much the last two Christmases and I remember watching it on repeat when I was pregnant with my daughter – so I am definitely going to have to buy that one.

There is a bit of a thing for reindeers in our family – my mother-in-law has several herds, and I fear it might be catching! I haven’t used window and wall stickers before, but I rather fancy trying them this year – and how beautiful is the illuminated advent calendar and snow globe (I love snow globes!)?

The List

14 thoughts on “My Christmas Decoration Wishlist”

  1. Love the snow globe, I adore them too. And the snowman and snow dog bauble too. I really would like a reindeer snow globe, oh, and my local garden centre has a life size singing reindeer. He’d look great on my lawn????
    I used to think you couldn’t have too many decorations, but now I am running out of space for new ones (at least that’s what my husband says) I can’t retire any old ones because they tell the story of my family being born, growing up and starting their own families. I obviously need a bigger house ????

  2. These are a cute selection, very classy. We did window stickers in my daughters room last year and she was very reluctant to take them down. We have decorations wars in our house. I like a theme and Rolando likes to mix all of the different types of decorations together and as much tinsel as possible! Makes me insane!

    • Yes I think that could a problem I still have some of my son’t birthday party balloons up a month later! I suspect my daughter is going to be a demon with the tree too!


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