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Weigh, Lose or Stay

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An Update

The observant of you may have noticed that there has been no Weigh, Lose or Stay for a couple of weeks. I have been doing a bit of soul searching on this feature.

I won’t lie I have had a couple of weeks off the diet and it you follow the feature, you will also know I have been struggling with the diet a bit of late too, more up and down again, which has led to maintaining I guess rather than losing.

I am not giving up – I still have my goal in mind. But with my son’s birthday, then my husband going away and the children and I getting a bug, all my good intentions crumbled somewhat. But I am back on the diet as of yesterday, Christmas is looming after all!

On reflection, I think that writing about it every week is not always beneficial and adds an un-needed pressure to my journey. I have also found that with this linky, that some weeks I have quite a few people link up and other weeks only one or two. Which makes me think that this is the same for other people too, and that when it comes to health and weight loss, monthly is an easier way to go.

Bearing this in mind I have gone back to the drawing board and made a couple of decisions. Instead I will only be writing about my weight loss journey on the blog monthly. I think this will take some of the pressure off and enable me to look at the overall success.

I have also decided to discontinue the weekly linky that goes with this feature. However, never fear I have something new and rather exciting to share I have been working on something new with two rather lovely bloggers, two lovely Rachels in fact. Rachel from The Melton House and Rachel from Life of My Family and Me. We are going to be launching a new monthly linky in November which I hope that those of you who joined in with #weighloseorstay will follow and join with instead. It will be on the last week of every month, watch this space for more news.

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20 thoughts on “Weigh, Lose or Stay – An Update”

  1. I get what you are saying, and get very similar with my #FitnessTuesday linky which has been around since 2010. I actually stopped for a bit as not many people were linking, but starting Fitness 4 Mamas has again proved the linky is a nice way to keep in touch with other fitness and health oriented bloggers. Would love to see you joining in, and good luck with your linky too 😉

  2. It is OK to have a bad week, esp if you have been ill. Don’t let the down days stop you from reaching your goal. You will get there lovely. Sometimes a race is a jog rather than a sprint 🙂

    I can’t wait for the new linky to go live, I am sure it will do well 🙂

    Gemma xx

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing what your new linky will be, that’s very exciting.

    It’s no bad thing that you’ve maintained your weight. Although I’ve weighed more or less (give or take a few pounds) the same since Rowan was born. It’s been a hard struggle to lose any and it really can get you down. But I’ve always said that as we’re having more children (hopefully) then what’s the point of losing lots of weight if you’ll just end up piling it on. Think I’m just trying to make myself feel better with a comment like that,

    Laura x

  4. Oh how exciting news Laura!! I knew you were doing that but now it is actually happening!! Yaay!! I’m so happy for you 3!!I think it is the best decision as people will have more to say in a monthly linky about their weight lose plus this will be a linky that will incorporate other subjects too so it will be a success!! Good luck with this new adventure!! 🙂 xx

  5. Good luck with your new linky u will keep my eyes peeled for it!!
    I have been the same with my diary and have had a few weeks off as I felt it would be more demotivating.
    I’m getting back on it for the last few weeks of Christmas though!! X

  6. I’m super excited to start a new linky with you Laura and Rachel! Please don’t feel pressured into loosing weight, maintaining it is just as good. It’s better in the long run to loose a little and keep it off then loose loads and put it on again:) xx

    • For my health I do need to lose some more I just need to get my head in the right place first and I am so looking forward to collaborating together too

  7. Definately a case of the journey to your ideal weight being a marathin not a sprint – I think a weekly progress update could get a bit pressured for anyone. I think maintaining is really quite tricky to figure out. I did the 5:2 diet to loose weight after having my twins. It is an approach that you either love or hate (it is totally not for everyone but worked for me). But I was in a bit of a dilema what to do next to keep my weight steadyl. Birthdays and stressful days are always a challenge I totally go for treats when my stress levels rise!

  8. Looking forward to starting the linky with you & Rachel. It’s ok to have a bad week, I agree that writing about it every week can add more pressure. You’re doing great!! xx

  9. A weight-loss or fitness journey is always tough. I’ve been feeling a lot like you lately and I think the darker nights and horrible weather has a lot to do with it. I’m always more motivated when I see more of the sun! Good luck with it hun. xx


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