Banish the 5p Carrier Bag Blues With These Fab Shoppers

On the 5th October a 5p carrier bag charge was introduced in the UK, meaning whenever you need a carrier bag you need to pay 5p. If you have missed this, where have you been? It’s already got me several times with my disorganised running into shops to buy last minute bits, and I don’t know why as it’s only 5p, but it does rankle. So I know I need to add a foldaway shopper into my everyday handbag to keep this from happening. If, like me you are looking for an everyday shopper to put your shopping in here are 6 fab ones for you to choose from.
Shopper bags

From left to right:

Which one is your favourite?

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18 thoughts on “Banish the 5p Carrier Bag Blues With These Fab Shoppers”

  1. We’re starting to see a bit of this in the US as well, where some cities or counties have done away with plastic bags and you have to bring/buy your own reusable bags. These are certainly cute, it is just hard to remember to bring them with you.

    • That’s my problem, I keep forgetting to bring them and then I have to pay the charge. It’s a good idea to reduce carrier bag wastage and good for the environment, just a bit annoying too.

  2. I like the owl packaway tote bag. I was caught out today in 2 different shops! I need a foldaway shopper bag and quick!

    • I know I keep saying to myself I need to keep a foldaway one in my bag all the time. There are some really nice ones in the shops at the moment.

    • Yes they’re a bit cooler than the supermarket ones aren’t they? Although I hadn’t realised it applied to all shops, not just supermarkets.

  3. I’m a total convert to bringing my own bags, funny how a 5p charge has made me more environmentally friendly overnight. Loving all the really lovely designs popping up in the shops. I like the Cath Kidson one you’ve shown the best.

    • Yes it’s just 5p but it does annoy you having to pay it doesn’t it? I keep forgetting mine but I must add a foldaway to my handbag. They’re all so nice I can’t choose!

  4. That Radley one is gorgeous! I quite like taking my own bags as they’re always stronger than the ones they give you. I do resent paying 5p for their cheap ones that break so easily though!!
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x


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