REVIEW: Scholl Express Pedi

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Scholl Express Pedi Review

I am one of these people that holds onto my flip flops, or perhaps more accurately my Birkenstocks until as long as possible as the seasons change. Until I just know my little toes cannot take it much longer and I sadly turn to the world of boots and Uggs. As a consequence I do find I get to get hard skin on my feet which is also pretty stubborn to get rid of.

I usually get around this by paying for at least a couple of pedicures throughout the summer, plus I get pretty toes too which is one of my favourite things. I also have a hard skin file which I try to use regularly. Because of this reason, I have been tempted by the Express Pedi from Scholl’s Foot Care range for a while. Which means I was rather excited when it was sent to me for review.

The Express Pedi arrived and everything was in the packet, including batteries ready to go. Which is a nice change rather than have to rummage through drawers to power your new item. You use it on dry, not wet skin and quite simply turn it on and roller it over the hard skin on your feet. It doesn’t hurt at all and is surprisingly gentle. I kind of had visions of a mini powered sander, but honestly it is nothing like that at all and feels as gentle as an electric razor does on your leg.

I found it hard to resist the urge of wanting to press the Express Pedi hard in the hope that it would file the hard skin off better and faster. But that just makes the pedi stop, so the message really is gentle and you need to go over the stubborn areas a few times.

What did I think? I have only used it a couple of times, but I can see it become my best friend in the summer months. Certainly much easier than than a manual file. Do I think it will replace a decent pedicure at the beauty salon? No. But for day to day maintenance it i really handy and much neater than my previous solution.

*Disclaimer: Scholl kindly sent me the Express Pedi in exchange for an honest review.

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Scholl Express Pedi”

  1. Great review! I have had my eye on one of these for ages but couldn’t justify the price if the results weren’t as good as Iam hoping. I think I will take a closer look next time Iam in boots. Thanks 🙂

  2. I have thought of getting one of these as my feet can look awful during summer. Now the flip flops are thrown to the back of the cupboard and my uggs (yay!) are out, I don’t think I’ll be giving my feet much thought for a while but I may just invest in one of these next year 🙂

    Gemma xx

  3. I saw this and had to have a nosey at what you thought as I bought one a couple of weeks back. It is much better than using a manual foot file but I did find it quite annoying that you can’t press harder with it – it took me quite a while to get my feet to where I wanted them. I think it’s best to use it every night over the space of a week rather than thinking it will give instant results. I did find it quite pricey but at least it will last for years now. Great honest review 🙂

    • Yes I wanted to press harder too. Like you have said I think it is something you will have to use everyday for a week or so to get the results that you want. But definitely better than a manual file. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Oh!! I think I need one of these! I hate using footscrubs as they make me feel a bit funny so I need something to deal with the round heels I develop over winter..! I *did* imagine they would be like sander though, which is why I’ve never thought to look into them until now!


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