Weigh, Lose or Stay #22

Weigh, Lose or Stay

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Week Twenty One

A bit of a change to this week’s Weigh, Lose or Stay, after a couple of weeks of struggling and yes cheating, I have decided on a different plan of action. I have been on the Cambridge Weight Plan which is a meal replacement diet of shakes, soups etc. It is a diet that is very effective for me, but I have been on the diet for months and I think what I really need is a bit of a break. I have decided to take two weeks off.

What I don’t want is for these two weeks off to be a big binge or crappy food session, so I started at the weekend and I am using My Fitness Pal to track all of my foods and calorie intake. I’m on about 1600 calories per day. So far it has been a real pleasure to eat actual food again – I had an actual roast dinner on Sunday which was amazing.

After these two weeks off, my plan is to then go back onto the Cambridge Weight Plan and get to goal before Christmas.

Bearing this in mind I have decided not to weigh myself this week, as going from no food to food always brings with it an increase, but I may next week to see how I’m doing.


Diet following: Cambridge Weight Plan (read more here)

Weight lost this week: n/a

Number of weeks on the diet: 20 (with a week off and I am not including my holiday weeks)

Weight loss in total: -30.75lbs / 13.95kg


This week:

Bust: cm

Waist: cm

Hips: cm

Arms:  cm

Legs: cm

Total loss this week: n/a

Total lost so far: -48cm


My goals are:

  1. Have two weeks off calorie counting & then go back on to plan.
  2. Get to three stone – and treat myself to a new pair of jeans.
  3. My non scales goal is to get my wedding rings and eternity ring all on one finger. I’ve got two of them on, I just need to fit the third.

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This is a feature that everyone can join in with (including my own clients!). Not every body is on a diet, but they do like to keep an eye on their weight for maintenance purposes. So this is a weekly weigh-in whether you want to lose weight or stay the same.

The more the merrier please join in. It doesn’t matter what diet you are following, dieting is hard whatever route you take this is just about supporting one another.

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11 thoughts on “Weigh, Lose or Stay #22”

  1. This is great! You know I feel the same! I need time out too as there as been so much going on I’ve struggled. It’s great to read such an honest post. I at some treats this week and then felt rubbish… So we bought some fruit and made a smoothie and then I decided stuff it, I’m taking a. Week off. I think it’s a good idea to take a break now before the Christmas countdown! I find if I diet/go healthy through Christmas I do well and if I don’t I gain weight! It’s always the same so I know what I’ll be doing.

    Angela x

    • I have been counting calories everyday so far it’s just nice to eat food – with the exception of Sunday. I WILL get back on it and I am definitely not abandoning things I just need a brief respite. Good luck to you too Angela xx

  2. I think taking a break when its meal replacements helps to regain a focus as meal replacements can be so hard. I hope you Sunday lunch was yummy 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda yes they are they are the hardest way to diet I think but do give big rewards, I will definitely be going back though. I want to hit goal and the food on Sunday was indeed amazing! x

    • I am nervous because I don’t want to pile loads on but it also has made me think about how I am going to manage healthy eating when I get to goal and maintenance. The My Fitness Pal app is really good 🙂


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