Where Would You Like To Retire To?

where would you like to retire to

As I get older and have become a parent there are some things in my life I have started to think about more that seem incredibly grown up. Wills for example and pensions and making sure we prepare for retirement and my children’s future. Life insurance is also most definitely on this list, we have a policy, but we have been debating if we should increase it now that we have a family.

Getting to retirement age still seems a long way off, particularly when my parents have not long retired themselves. Like some sort of distant mirage I can’t quite see yet.

I am never one of these people that has wanted to emigrate to a hot country or far away climes. I am quite a homebody and like being near my friends and family, after all they are the people that make life better.

For my retirement I hope to simple pleasures. Lots of books and lunches out. Time for swimming and hopefully a few holidays. I would like to go back to Canada we had such an amazing time there and I would really like to visit Alaska. I hope to go back to the Caribbean and spend many a week enjoying Cornish beaches, ice creams and pasties. If I haven’t got around to it by then maybe I will even finish the novel I have always wanted to write.

But the most important thing for me will be to be near and there for my children. I have said many a time on this blog that my children are the most amazing thing that have happened to me, and I stand by that. I can’t see that changing when I am older. I also want to be there for my grandchildren – which I hope we are blessed with – help look after them and watch them grow and spend precious years and times with my family.

What do you want to do in your retirement?

*This is a collaborative post.

2 thoughts on “Where Would You Like To Retire To?”

  1. It’s never too early to start thinking – and it easier to work towards it if you have a clear goal in mind.

    Retirement is a state of mind I feel. The environment helps but you need to be able to “switch off”. That’s why for me is to be able to be as far away from any wifi access – I get too distracted too easily.


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