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Welcome to a weekly feature on my blog – Ben’s Zone. Written by husband… Ben. A foodie, coffee obsessed, ex-smoking, ex-drinking and Ridgeback loving Dad. Who is also seriously into his fitness.  You can find him on the blog (most) Sundays. Enjoy 🙂

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

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So today is National ‘Kids Take Over the Kitchen’ Day and so I have decided to dedicate my post to this auspicious day. I’ve blogged before about my love of food and of cooking with my son, Logan. Hopefully my daughter Aria will be joining us in the kitchen but at 15 months she is just a little bit too young right now. I thought it might be interesting to hear from Logan himself about what cooking means to him.

Dad: Logan, do you enjoy doing cooking with Daddy?

Logan: Yes! I would say yes. So, what else on the interview?

Dad: What is your favourite thing to cook?

Logan: Carrots and cinnamon.

Dad: Care to share any techniques?

Logan: Yes. [says nothing further]

Dad: What is the best bit of cooking with Dad?

Logan: Mmmm, using the noise (his name for my Kenwood chef), that it is using noise.

Dad: What do you like to make with noise?

Logan: Chocolate cake, Chocolate cupcakes.

Dad: Can you think of other things you like making in noise?

Logan: White chocolate cake, white chocolate cupcakes

Dad: Pasta?

Logan: Yep

Dad: Is there anything you don’t like about cooking?

Logan: Jambalaya

Dad: Who is your favourite chef?

Logan: Me, I would say. I’m the best cooker. So I would call me the bestest chef.

Dad: Do you like to eat what you cook?

Logan: Yes, I would say I would eat it, as much as I like.

Dad: Are you going to be a chef when you are bigger?

Logan: Yes, or maybe a builder, I would be a builder, now do a building interview, maybe do a fixing interview, I don’t like sanders dad.

So there you have it, probably best to make a reservation now before he gets his first Michelin star.

And on reflection, I don’t really know what else I expected when interviewing a 3 year old.

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10 thoughts on “BEN’S ZONE: National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day”

  1. That’s so cute! He looks adorable in his chef hat. I cook with my kids on occasion. When they are actually into it, it’s a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from #foodpornthursdays

  2. He is so cute in his hat! My son’s favourite thing about cooking is the food processor because of the noise too (and the fact he gets to press buttons)

  3. I laughed reading every line of this because it reminded me so much of my son. Great interview, and it’s so wonderful that you have something like cooking to share with him. Very sweet.

  4. Ahhh this so so cute Laura & Ben! I love Logan’s answers – especially him being the best chef! It’s wonderful that you are getting him involved in cooking at 3. Thanks so much for sharing your post with #foodpornthursdays

  5. Thanks Becky, it’s actually not me encouraging him, he’s always wanted to be involved. I think it is because he has seen me cooking from so early on. He drives this believe me*

    *this statement somewhat related to me not wanting people to think I cook ‘carrots and cinnamon’


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