REVIEW: Vanish Stain Remover Products

Vanish Stain Remover Products Review

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Since my children were born, I regularly joke that I should have taken out shares in Vanish, they are my go-to for clothes stains. Both of my children seem to be messy eaters and the collection of food covered, stained clothes at the end of each week is often rather ridiculous. Even full-sleeved bibs don’t seem to do the job as my daughter then moves onto wiping her hands on her skirt or trousers.

Here’s an example:

Aria chocolate face

When Vanish contacted me and asked me if I would like to review some o their products, I knew I would be the perfect partner! I am a fan of some of the products they sent me already, and some of them were new to me too.

So, like one of the 1950s-esque house wife TV ads lets do some before and after photographs of some of my children’s messy clothes, then I can show you why I love the Pre-wash spray and what I think of two of their new to me products.

Vanish Pre-Wash Spray

First up, one of my favourite Vanish products is their pre-wash spray. It’s a regular on my shopping list. So even before I agreed to write about it I knew I loved it. I’m pretty fussy about clothes. I love them you see, I love buying clothes for and I love buying clothes for my children, so when they get stained – it really, really bugs me.

Before any wash I actually go through every item of clothes (I’m not kidding) and check for stains. If there is a stain I spray it with the pre-wash spray before I put it into the machine, then put my detergent in as normal.

Banana stained t-shirt before

banana stained t-shirt

Banana stains gone

no banana stains

Chocolate stained t-shirt before

chocolate stained t shirt

Chocolate stains gone

no chocolate stains

Tomato stained t-shirt before

tomato stained t-shirt

Tomato stains gone

Tomato stains gone

Overall a great result, every stain has gone and hopefully you can see why I am such a fan.

Vanish Power Shots & Vanish Gold Oxi-Action Gel

These are two Vanish products I haven’t tried before. But I decided to give it a whirl on my hand towels. I have absolutely no idea what happens to hand towels in my house. I suspect small children not washing their hands properly before they dry them might be the culprit, but I am pretty much planning to replace a few because they look so grim.

So, I thought this was a great chance for me to give the power shots a go and see what they can do. You just need to put a power shot in the washing machine with your normal detergent and off it goes.

Here is the before picture

vanish towel before

And the after

vanish towel after power shot

I actually was hoping that stain removal power would be better than this, so decided to give the towel a second wash trying the Vanish Gold Oxi Action gel which specifically says it is good for ground in stains. The instructions for tough stains was to add 120ml of the gel to my wash. You poor the liquid into the cap and put the cap into the washing machine drum and then add your detergent as normal (there is a smaller cap to leave on the bottle so that it doesn’t spill anywhere).

Gold Vanish Oxi Action cap

oxi action gel cap

Towel before Vanish Gold Oxi Action Power Gel

vanish before oxi action gel

Towel after

vanish towel final after

I was pleased with the Gold Oxi Action Gel results and felt that it did a better job than the power shots. In fairness, this was a super grubby towel with some ground-in stains, so I’m not sure I was ever going to get it perfect again. Overall if you’ve got stains or children – because if you have children you’re pretty much bound to have stains, then Vanish for me is a must-have cupboard item. I will definitely be buying the Gold Oxi-Action gel again although I am not so sure about the power shots.

*Disclaimer: Vanish sent me a selection of their products in exchange for an honest review.

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Vanish Stain Remover Products”

  1. I have to agree about the pre wash spray, I have only recently discovered it, although I use the vanish powder that you add to the normal washing liquid on a regular basis. I bought the spray as a last ditch attempt to get a white linen jacket clean. It had yellow stains where perfume spray had drifted onto the lapels. I had already had it dry cleaned as it said it was not washable, but the stains had not come was made of linen so I decided to wash it carefully as I had nothing to lose. Stains were sprayed, detergent and powder added to machine and fingers were crossed! Now my lovely jacket is pristine white again and nothing awful happened to the shape in the wash. The spray has since resurrected some t shirts with ground in stains.

  2. Pink removal is so bad,I regret using it,i out a drop on a Lilac Jean ,and it’s bleached to white,how could the company says it’s coloured safe and it isn’t.for white and coloured clothes,if it’s mainly for white then it should be mainly for white,it shouldn’t be for black and coloured clothes


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