6 Things I Do That Annoy My Other Half

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I was tagged by Jess at Mrs. Puddleducky to come up with 6 things I do that annoy my Other Half. Hmm… it would be much easier to do this the other way around.

Let me see, these are 6 things I think annoy him, rather than things he has explicitly told me bother him.

  1. Put things away without telling him, sometimes in new more practical places, then we he goes to find them he can’t find them.
  2. Being a back seat driver. I think this is a particular bug bear of his. I have been known to say ‘Ben brake’ when I think he is getting to close to someone (sorry).
  3. Having lots and lots of handbags. I actually think he thinks I am slightly insane when I buy another one, or express a need for needing another to add to the collection.
  4. My love affair with the internet. In the past he has affectionately referred to me a Laura.com, he also on occasion has cursed the day I ever got an iPad or iPhone and loved our WiFi free holiday.
  5. As he’s really into cooking gets frustrated over some of my food dislikes. For example, I don’t like sweet and savoury together at all – fruit should not be on a main course or in a savoury salad, I don’t even like sweet and sour when we get a Chinese.
  6. Take short cuts. Well he would describe it as taking a short cut, I would say I am being more practical. Not as in when we’re travelling somewhere, but with things like recipes. He likes to stick to the recipe and do everything religiously where as I would look at it and think oh I can skip steps 3, 4 and 5 but just bunging everything in a mixer. I think we may have to agree to disagree on this one 😉 .

So what things do you do that annoys your other half?

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9 thoughts on “6 Things I Do That Annoy My Other Half”

  1. Laura, we are soooo similar!!

    Number 1 – This is me all over! Although I then forget the safe place I’ve put the item haha!

    Number 2 – Omg, I’m awful! I’d much prefer to drive!

    Number 3- Not handbags for me but Uggs! My partner has the same feelings about my collection!

    Number 5- I’m the same! Certain foods should not go together! Don’t understand the fruit thing either yuck!

    Fab post!

    Gemma xxx


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