New Year’s Resolutions – An Update

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My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions – An Update

Wow, we’re over half way through the year already – where has that gone? In January I wrote some new year’s resolutions as people often tend to do. To make sure they haven’t slipped by the way side, I thought it might be a good idea now to revisit them, and she how I’m doing.

So, How Am I Doing?

  1. Lose Weight & get fitter & healthier. I am about 1.5 stone down – I would like to be more – but I am working on it! Next week I plan on introducing a new exercise regime too – watch this space for more details 🙂
  2. Start my own business as a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. I did this in February, my client base is a bit up and down, but from talking to peers this is very normal with weight loss. I have also signed up to do a distance learning course to be a Nutritionist.
  3. De-clutter. I think this one is a bit of a fail. Things have been so hectic, we did start and the conservatory is so much better, but there is more work to do! This weekend my husband and I sat down and wrote a list of housework and decorating we need to do, so hopefully towards the second half of this year we can improve on this.
  4. Go back to my singing lessons. I really, really want to do this. At first it was delayed because my daughter is very attached to me and wouldn’t settle for anyone other than me. But I am confident she would be perfectly fine with her Dad now. The second reason is financial, I’m not sure we have the money for this at the moment. I’m optimistic as I start to earn a bit more money I can go back to them regularly. Again, this is something I am aiming to do by the end of the year.
  5. Get more organised. I have weeks when I feel like I am doing rather well on this and weeks (like this week), when I feel like I’m not at all. I have a planner just for my blog now and planning spreadsheets for my business. So I will call this a work in progress, but still plenty of room for improvement.
  6. Blog more. I might have laughed at this one! My initial goal in January was to blog once a week – ha ha! Then it moved to three times a week and now I’m pretty much at every day. I suspect by August it will be every single day as I plan to launch a new Book Corner on Saturdays on the blog. So I would say this resolution is a total win!
  7. Read more. Last year I only read 31 books, I know to some people this will sound like a lot, but based on the previous few years of 60/70 books a year this felt like a bit of a fail. The biggest change of course is that I have two children now. So far this year I am currently reading book number 22. So it looks like I am definitely ahead on last year, but perhaps not going to set the 50 book target I originally set myself.
  8. Hug my babies lots. This was because I read somewhere you should hug your children 12 times a day. I have no idea how many times a day I hug my children, but I wanted to make sure I hugged them lots throughout the day, not just at bed time and when they asked. I definitely think I’m doing this sometimes in the day I just scoop my children onto my lap and give them a good squeeze. Because, sadly, before long, particularly my son – they are not going to want to do this with me.

Overall, I don’t think I am doing too badly – definitely room for improvement (isn’t there always?), but I have made progress and achieved some already which I am pleased with.

How are you doing with yours? Have you checked?

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12 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions – An Update”

  1. These are lovely goals you made and some great accomplishments too. Great work on the weight loss so far and starting a business! The declutter thing, well, I’m failing that too heh. Would love to have you link this up with our Gratitude and Goals linky 🙂 Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Well done Laura, you don’t realise how much you’ve done until you see it written down!
    I read 50 books last year but so far this year I’ve probably only managed about 4! Love the hugging your babies more, I may try this but with 3 teenagers i’m not sure they will appreciate it much 🙂

    • Lol no I cannot imagine teenagers going for it so much. And thank you. It’s funny how our book reading varies year to year, I think we need to remember it’s about the book and not the numbers – I do at least anyway!


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