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Weigh, Lose or Stay

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Week Seven

I have to admit, I have really, really struggled this week. I think the week off where I really, really enjoyed food and then knowing that I only had two weeks before I was coming off plan again was quite a psychological battle. I think the the thing that kept me going was that I gained 7lbs last week and I really, really wanted that off. I felt pretty much everyday that I had to grit my teeth and grin and bear it.

In the end it was worth it, because I am 8.25lbs down this week, which is my 7lbs gone, plus an extra 1.25lb. Interestingly though not all of my measurements have gone back down. For example last week I gained 2cm on my waist and technically while I am lighter than last week my waist measurement has stayed the same. But that does put me down at 23lbs off in 6 weeks (if you discount my week off) which is pretty amazing.

I have 5lbs to go until my 2 stone, I had hoped to do it before I went on holiday. But as I will be weighing myself Friday morning before I go, that it looking quite unrealistic now. But… I am still really pleased with what I have achieved.

So, I will grit my teeth for the next few days and try and lose some more weight and get as close to 2 stone as I can before I come off plan for my holidays. I will schedule a post with my progress to go-live next Tuesday whilst I am away.

There will be no Weigh, Lose or Stay on Tuesday 23rd June as I will be away and have nothing to report, but it will back on Tuesday 30th when I need to get back on plan and most probably lose the weight I have gained on holiday. But I’m not thinking about that just yet…


Diet following: Cambridge Weight Plan (read more here)

Weight lost this week: -8.25lbs

Number of weeks on the diet: 7 (with a week off)

Weight loss in total: -23lbs / 10.4kg


This week:

Bust: -2cm

Waist: 0cm

Hips: 0cm

Arms: -0.5cm

Legs: -0.5cm

Total loss this week: -3cm

Total lost so far: -32cm


My goals are:

  1. Lose a stone – achieved 🙂
  2. My next big goal is to lose two stone – if not before holiday, then hopefully soon after. I have promised myself a fab pair of hoop earrings I have seen on Stella and Dot when I do.
  3. Third goal – to get my wedding rings to fit on the correct finger – I did get them on before I had my week off and now I’m struggling to get them back on again, but it is very,very close.

Linky Rules

I must stress this is open to anyone, you do not have to join in the Linky if you just want to share your weight loss or maintenance stats in the comments, this is totally fine. But if you want to link up that is also fab.

This is a feature that everyone can join in with (including my own clients!). Not every body is on a diet, but they do like to keep an eye on their weight for maintenance purposes. So this is a weekly weigh-in whether you want to lose weight or stay the same.

The more the merrier please join in. It doesn’t matter what diet you are following, dieting is hard whatever route you take this is just about supporting one another.

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6 thoughts on “Weigh, Lose or Stay #8”

  1. What a great idea for a link up to encourage each other towards goals! I’m just starting my postpartum weight loss attempt after baby #3 and it feels daunting.

    • It does feel daunting doesn’t it? But so many women are in the same place. I am sure you will get there, for me it is about feeling comfortable in my own skin again x

  2. Hi Laure,
    glad and found this website to know that, Im not alone who struggling on diet 😛
    Im now in step 1 and today is my 12 days in CD sole source. i have to say, that is really not an easy task. and i found that, my weight doesnt drop as expectation.

    Sometimes, the weight will only drop 1kg after 3-5 days.
    Anyone here facing the same problem with me? i really need a solution, please advises how to do, please ….

    • Hi Genie – the key to helping you lose weight on the Cambridge Weight Plan is to drink lots of water – how is your water consumption?


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