The Netflix Tag

The Netflix Tag

The Netflix tag

I must apologise to Ally from as she tagged me to do this post weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to do it. My husband and I are quite late to the Netflix party, but I rather love our subscription now we have it. Nothing beats a good box set glom.

For the sake of this post I have written about all shows I love, not just those featured on Netflix.

All Time Favourite

Ooh tough one, ok my favourite TV series are:

  • Vintage wise it’s got to be:
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and
    • Angel,
    • ER
    • Charmed
  • Then more modern shows are:
    • Big Bang Theory
    • Vikings
    • Supernatural (Dean and Sam awesomeness)
    • Game of Thrones
    • Arrow
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Modern Family (flipping hilarious!)
    • How I Met Your Mother

I’m sure I’ve missed some too.

I’m a real American TV show girl, sadly I am not so much into British TV.

Current addiction

We’re currently making our way through Warehouse 13, I am completely loving Grimm – one of my current favourites. The Walking Dead, although it can be a bit too gruesome for me at times, eagerly anticipating the new series of Game of Thrones being released on DVD.


I’d really like to watch Grey’s Anatomy, my husband isn’t keen, but whenever I see trailers it looks really good. A favourite book series of mine – Bitten by Kelley Armstrong has been made into a TV series but only in the US and Canada so I want to get the DVD of that. Oh and I really want to see Outlander too.

Pet Peeve

When you start watching a series and the newer box sets aren’t on Netflix or released on DVD yet.

And cliffhangers – I hate cliffhangers. Particularly at the end of a series.

What’s on my list

Dare Devil – I really want to watch that! Orange is the New Black heard so many good things about that series. I’ve also fallen behind on Sons of Anarchy so I want to catch up. I haven’t got around to finishing Breaking Bad – annoyingly my husband went off the series (what’s that all about?), but I really want to see how it all ends. Oh and True Detective.

You should watch…

Well, I probably covered this in m all time favourite shows but my must-watch shows are:

  • Modern Family
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Supernatural
  • Also, if the Buffy thing passed you by at the time you should so go back and watch it now. Seriously.

Ok, I tag:

Only if you want to join in…

The List

18 thoughts on “The Netflix Tag”

    • Yes why does Netflix do that especially when the series has been out for a while – drives me crazy! I’m really looking forward to watching Orange is the New Black now 🙂 Thanks Debbie x

  1. Buffy, yes. Angel, yes. Supernatural, yes. ER yes. Charmed, yes. I’m obviously old school.

    Couldn’t get on with Orange is the New Black. Watched the first season, but no urge to watch the second. Greys Anatomy is good but not as good as ER. True Detective I found kind of boring.

    Outlander is great. I mean, Jamie… ’nuff said. You should try Orphan Black. Whitechapel. Have you watched Sherlock? Soooo good.

    I love cliffhangers. They get me all excited.

    • Nothing wrong with old school. I could watch Buffy again and again.

      I so want to watch Outlander, must give that a go.

      Never heard of Orphan Black – must check that one out 🙂 x

  2. I love my American tv series as well. I would really recommend Orange is the new black as well, we love it. I’ve also just discover Nashville which I love, it’s a bit trashy but a guilty pleasure, not sure it would be Ben’s cup of tea tho. I think we must have watched almost every American comedy from the past 15 years and have just finished parks and recreation which I would highly recommend.
    I hate cliff hangers too as I always end up staying up way to late because I always have to watch “just one more” to find out what’s going to happen.

    • We tried Nashville, but I didn’t quite get into it. We have Orange is the New Black waiting for holiday watching. Not heard of Parks and Recreation but as we have similar tastes I obviously need to give it a whirl 🙂
      Ben says do you watch Archer – it is one we’re disagreeing on at the moment as I’m not so keen, but he loves it?

      • I have never heard of archer and neither has Andy amazingly, I thought he had seen everything. Parks and rec takes a few episodes to get into but once you get into the characters it’s great. For 25 min programmes I also like new girl and Brooklyn nine nine. Might give bitten a go if I can get hold of it.

        • I think Bitten is on Amazon actually as it’s my birthday this week I think I may treat myself 😉
          Archer is kind of a cartoon satire.

  3. Loads have already said this but OITNB is bloody amazing and a new series is out in June so get watching now!! Also if you haven’t watched House of Cards yet the I seriously recommend you check it out!

  4. Thank you so much for the tag Laura!! It’s funny how much you learn about someone by reading what they watch on TV! What a great idea. I love Modern Family. The rest of your viewing is too spooky for my taste lol xx

  5. Ooh Laura! Thank you so much for tagging me…I;m a crazy TV person and I have my favourite’s. Now I have two posts to do….. The Netflix and the oNe lovely Blog award… best get writing! Angela xxx

  6. Dude, I’m going to busy – I’ve only watched one of these (so the tag would be utterly lost on me haha!!), so I really appreciate your recommendations! Just need a sick day or something to work my way through…oh and know how to hook netflix up to our TV. I know we have it, I just don’t know how to use it!! What a dope. Thanks for linking up to #TheList


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