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Life changes us when we have children. In ways that we could never have imagined. It is humbling, exhausting, exhilarating and amazing, damned hard work but immensely rewarding. You think you know that it’s going to be like and then the baby arrives and you realise that you had no idea. All of a sudden you are submerged in this crazy new world, and then before you know it, without even realising it some deep part inside of yourself has changed.

Well, that’s how it was for me anyway.

But this also might mean the futures we had always planned for ourselves, the careers we had mapped are sometimes no longer relevant to the person that we are. I wrote a blog post a while ago that resonated with a lot of women: Motherhood, Careers and Feminism: Is There a Quiet Revolution Going On. In it, I discussed how lots of women were starting their own business as a way of moving forwards with their careers when modern workplaces do not match their needs. Enabling them to have a business, but equally spend time with their children, do the school run themselves, go to the park, see the precious assemblies all at the same time, without missing out.

Since I have written this article I have been thinking about how I can support these businesses. Because I really do support them and find them inspiring and I want to spend my cash with them too.

When I began to form the concept of this blog series in my mind, I also realised this wasn’t just about mothers, but fathers too. I wanted to support all parents in their new found endeavors, discoveries and journies.

However, change isn’t just about business. You can be changed in other ways too. Perhaps becoming a parent has inspired you to lose weight, to get fit, run a marathon, raise money for charity, emigrate, completely change or re-evaluate your life  – there are so many amazing stories out there. So why not hear about them all?

This is what I want Inspiring Parents to be about. How becoming a parent has inspired you to be better, to be different, to try something you never though you could do before. I want to share those stores with everyone, so that you in turn can inspire other parents.

If you would like to share your story and get involved, then please email it would be great to hear from you. But next week I will be starting this off this blog series with a story from new business – Rock of Feather. Watch this space :-).

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