The A to Z of Me

The A to Z of me


The A to Z of Me

Once again I was tagged by the lovely Becky from Cuddle Fairy for this fun meme. The A to Z of me. So here goes…

Aria – my daughter’s name. It means in Italian a song for a female singer. We named her this because we both love music and I am am also a singer.

Ben – my husband’s name. I don’t think I need to say anymore :).

Christmas – one of my favourite times of year oh and chocolate and cake mmmm.

Dogs – I love them and we have a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Florence.

Eggs – I hate them, as does my husband. Except chocolate ones of course!

Family, I love my family more than anything.

Green – one of my favourite colours after purple and pink. I regularly have pink dip dyed hair.

Holidays are the best. Time with my family, doing fun things, relaxing and eating good food. Oh and handbags, I swear they breed in my house ;-).

Independent – I am quite an independent person, I have been told I’m a bit of a rubbish patient as I like to do things for myself. Recovering from my C-section was hard for me when I just want to get on and get back to normal.

Jewellery – I am an total magpie and I love jewellery. If I won the lottery one of the first places I would go would be Tiffany.

Kindles, iPhones, iPads I love gadgets and wouldn’t want to be without them.

Logan my son’s name. Cheeky, hilarious and wonderful. His name may have be influenced by a certain Hugh Jackman *whistles*.

Mother – becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Nose – I have my nose pierced. I wanted it for years, but was either too chicken or worried I was too old. Then I finally had it down two years ago.

Opposites – in many ways my husband and I are complete opposites, in other ways quite similar. But I think sometimes we baffle people how we work, but we just do.

Pedicures – I’m not really into beauty treatments, except pedicures and pretty toenails.

Queuing – I hate queuing, actually queues should be banned!

Reading – one of my absolute favourite past times. If it came to choice between books and TV. Books would win. Before children I used to read at least a book per week, unfortunately this time has had to decrease.

Singing. I am a mezzo soprano and love singing. My taste in music vary from classical opera to house music.

Tiredness is my nemesis and sleep deprivation is something I really struggle to cope with.

Uggs – I know they’re like giant slippers but they’re my go to shoes in the winter, I have four pairs. One black, one purple, one with sparkles and a biker style.

Vampires, werewolves, witches, things they go bump in the night, you name it I love them. In particular supernatural books.

Washing is one of the household chores I don’t mind. Ironing on the other hand is evil.

X-men my husband and I love comic book film adaptations – even the bad ones!

Years – since I’ve had children I can’t believe how quickly the time seems to pass. I just want to freeze it sometimes.

Zzzzz I love sleep and snuggling in my bed, with a book is good too. One thing I have discovered with children is just how much I miss it!

Ok, my turn to tag a couple of people :-). I tag:

Susan K Mann

Modern Dad Pages

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Only if you want to join in of course :-).


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16 thoughts on “The A to Z of Me”

  1. Such a lovely list Laura! You did so well with all of the letters. I’m right there with you in Tiffanys if we win the lottery! And ditto on the gadgets. I can’t get behind vampires etc though, too scary for me 😉 Thanks so much for accepting the tag! xx

    • Ooh vampires aren’t all scary. Did you never get into Buffy? One of my favourite shows! And yes how awesome would a lottery win Tiffany spree be?

  2. Love your list Laura, but I do hope that your handbags are not breeding in your house – that would mean you would never need to buy a new one! 🙂

  3. What an awesome list. I’m so with you on vampires, witches and supernatural books they are my favourite type too. Wow to the singing I did not know that & I’d love to hear you sing. I agree time goes way to fast after kids. Is love to freeze time. Thank you for the tag lovely & I will try to give this a go, it’s fab xx

    • You have good taste in books Susan 🙂 I think that is how we might have first got talking on Twitter actually!
      I keep trying to decide if I should share my singing or not, I am a bit chicken.
      It would be fab if you do have a go at this, do let me know so I don’t miss it x

    • Thank you Hannah. Yes sang through university I really hope I can go back to it soon. And thank you on my daughter’s name too x

  4. Some brilliant answers. Gadgets I love them too. I really want to get into more reading. I buy all these books for my kindle when there on offer then never read them.
    I had seen you mention you sang but never realized it was professional that’s impressive. ☺

    • Oh I love reading couldn’t imagine my life without books. I am classically trained as a singer and was awarded a bursary at university to pay for singing lessons (which I had to audition for) and I have sang at friend’s wedding etc but not professional as I’ve never done it for a living if that makes sense? X


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