Blog Love: Five Blogs I Have Loved This Month (April 15)

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I’m back again with Blog Love, my monthly feature where I share five blogs that I have loved with month. Here are my April favourites.

  • Soulful Sunday: Body Image and the Media by Ceri at Life with Bumps. A really inspirational piece about embracing your bodyshape and who you are. I loved Ceri’s refreshing approach to her body and think she looked fab in her photos.
  • How Young, Is Too Young, To Be Left Alone? by Katie at Mami2Five. This is not one I have had to tackle as yet with my children being 3 and under, but it is a really interesting discussion. The need to get the balance right between protecting our children and empowering them. It is hard to let them go because we love them so much, but little by little we must.
  • What Happens When Your Teenage Daughter Tells You She Has A Boyfriend by Amy at Mr and Mrs T Plus 3. This is a piece of writing straight from the heart. This is a long way off for me for either of my children, but I felt Amy’s words in my gut because I can imagine feeling just like this when my turn comes.
  • My First Magazine Feature by Ally at Messed Up Mum. In this I applaud Ally’s bravery. Raped with a date rape drug a few years ago, Ally’s has opened up about her experiences on her blog and in a magazine article this month in the hope it will help other women. She has done this in order to promote a new product where women can check their drinks before they drink. You can order yours here at I hope that as Ally does, it helps keep women safe.
  • How to Build a Blog Following by Nikki at View From In Here. This is one for other bloggers. How to build a community around your blog and grow it with a focus on blog commenting. I loved about this post because Nikki’s views on blog commenting are so true. I find it really interesting which bloggers reply and even better reciprocate on my own blog, but I am more likely to go back consistently to the ones that do and build a relationship with them. Definitely worth a read if you’re trying to grow your blog following.

Have you read any fab blog posts this month? Please share I’m always on the look out for new favourites.

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  1. This is my most favorite list EVAH!!! Thanks so much Laura! We are all out there trying to do the same thing, if we helped each other it would be much smoother going. LOL! To quote the Beatles…”All You Need Is LOVE!!” Much love to you, flowers and candy too! xoxoxo


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