Blog Love: Five Blogs I Have Loved This Month (March 15)

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I have decided to start a new monthly feature where I share the blog love. I take five blog posts that I have really enjoyed reading over the month and share them with you. So here are my March favourites, in on particular order.

  • Why we have to be aware – the N word is still out there by Zarouhi at Mama and More
    • This is a really well written and thoughtful invoking post by Zarouhi after she is called the ‘n’ word in a road rage incident and the power that word still holds.
  • World Book Day – Missing the Point? by Donna from What The Redhead Said
    • Donna discusses after watching a sea of superhero costumes and Elsa dresses on the way to school if some parents have lost the point of what World Book Day is about? It is of course about books and not movies. There is some great discussion points in the comments section too.
  • Are You A Good Mum? by Katy from What Katy Said
    • Are you the glamorous Mum, the working Mum or perhaps the unfriendly Mum. As Katy kindly articulates all Mums have their own stories and stresses. At the end of day we all do the best we can.
  • What I  Really Think About My Post Natal Body by Suzanne from Ghost Writer Mummy
    • This is a blog post I can very seriously empathise with. As Suzanne says ‘Post c-section, your body is not your own.’ a sentiment I fully understand and agree with. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the changes pregnancy makes to your body until it happens to you. A refreshing and honest post.
  • Jeremy Clarksgone – By Kellie at Big Fashionista
    • I will forgive her the use of the dreaded ‘c’ word, which I hate (sorry Kellie), because Kellie has pretty much said exactly what I feel on this matter. If you hit someone at work you shouldn’t get to keep your job. The end.

Have you read any fab blog posts this month? Please share I’m always on the look out for new favourites.

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