What I Really Want For Mother’s Day

What I Really Want For Mother’s Day

Ahh Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I never really thought about it before I was a Mum. I always got my Mum a card, as you do. But now I’m a Mum, perhaps it’s because we tried for quite a while to have children. But Mother’s Day is very special to me. Here is my wish list, of course we all know I would be happy with breakfast in bed and a homemade card, but you know a Mum can dream…

1. A cleaner. Weekly would be amazing, but just someone in to do a deep clean to get to all those bits I can never manage twice a year would be fantabulous. The windows, the skirting, architraves, tiles, kitchen doors. OCath Kidston golah and while they’re at it the oven too please.

2. Cath Kidston Gola trainers – how funky are these?! (Cath Kidston £65)

3. To sleep through the night. Oh man to sleep through the night … For a whole week… Oh wow – no words.

4. Freya underwire nursing braA decent nursing bra, I mentioned in my post x all on mine are like sacks, I have discovered that Freya do an under-wired one. I think I need this in my wardrobe/life. (Freya £36)

5. A de-cluttering machine. Perhaps a mirage that hides all toys from view. My life and house has been taken over by primary coloured plastic.

6. A date night. And by that I actually mean out to a restaurant, maybe the cinema on our own. Since my son was born my husband and I have been out on our own for a meal twice. Yes twice in 3.5 years, and one was a wedding. Childcare isn’t that easy as neither of our parents live close and I am nervous of babysitters I have never met.

7. A baby translation device. You know when they’re crying and you have no fricking idea why. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just insert them into a machine that tells you exactly what they want?!

8. Radley large toteA new change bag. Yes, I have three and my current one is lovely. But you always get so sick of them after a while. Plus, I couldn’t legitimately ask for a new handbag… I got quite a few last year. But I’m sure my wardrobe needs a change bag/handbag hybrid? 😉 (Radley £209)

9. A magic crystal ball, so you know you’re always making the right decision for your little ones. To make their life as perfect as you could possibly make it.

10. Macbook airAnd you know while I’m at, a shiny, tiny MacBook Air. I know on paper the Macbook Pro makes much more sense, but they’re so small and pretty, and well expensive… (Apple from £749)

What about you, what would you like for Mother’s Day?

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7 thoughts on “What I Really Want For Mother’s Day”

  1. Yes please, order a decluttering machine for me too. I know there are only two adults in our house, but the office/craft room is always a tip – and only I use it. I have a fitted worktop the complete length of one wall and still find myself working in a space 20cm square. As for the MacBook air,well, anything with a little apple on it is welcome in our house. As is anything with a little scottie dog attached.
    I think you should get your date night! Can’t manage it for this year’s mother’s day, but I would be happy to come and stay for a night so you and Ben could go out together. We will look at the diary.
    Finally, I would add one thing to my list – just wish I still had a mum to send a card to. I love making cards and wish I could give her a really special one.

  2. @hilary aww thanks we just never get around to going out – although we do do nice things at home. Agree anything with the dog on or Apple is always a winner. And if I can work out how to make a de-clutter machine I think I would be super rich lol! So sorry you no longer have a mum to send a card too 🙁 xx

  3. @Charlotte a cleaner would be amazing wouldn’t it? I think I have given up on the idea of my house being super clean with two little ones!

    @Youbabymemummy oh I wish lol, I doubt I’ll get any of them 😉

  4. I have been having a think about this one. First on my list would be to have my daughter living nearer Me so I could see them more often and be there to help when needed to do a quick tidy up or take some washing away. A gadget or device to clean hairy dogs after they have been over muddy fields would be brilliant. Something what ever it is to make cleaning a shower cubicle easy and successful. Some flowers might be nice to, not at my girls expense though.


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