Lovely Lists: Five Bravissimo Underwear Sets for Bigger Busts

Five Bravissimo Underwear Sets for Bigger Busts

Even at my more skinnier size, I have always had big boobs, (only the other day I was remarking as I was feeding my baby that my boobs are bigger than her head). I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them.

In my early 20s bra shopping was a hated experience. I used to admire all the gorgeous bras my friends owned and then have to take an uninspiring black, white or if I was lucky coloured pair of sacks with a million hooks at the back home for me. Plunge bra? Forget it!

Then, I discovered Bravissimo. Ahh beautiful underwear that is made in letters of the alphabet you didn’t even know was a bra size! Amazeballs. They changed my underwear drawer forever.

My only real criticism is nursing bras, I have yet to find a bigger size nursing bra that doesn’t look like something my Nan would wear. Hideous things (anyone found any good ones?)… Anyway, I thought as it’s Valentine’s Day I would share five of my favourite sets from their current collection.

(PS this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just sharing the love).

Kiss kiss bra1. Kiss Kiss Bra £30

I love the colours on this set, I am a particular fan of the pink and purple colours. It’s really pretty and girly and I think it would look great in my underwear drawer ;-).



2. Darling heart braDarling Heart Bra £32

Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Super sexy and a great red without being tacky. I also like how the garter belt comes up high on the waist, as I am so not a fan of my stomach since pregnancy.



Deco rebel bra3. Deco Rebel Bra £34

Everyone loves a bit of leopard print… Right? This is a really flattering set, with just a nice touch of pink.




4. Satin in bloomSatin in Bloom Bra £32

Ohh to look like this in my underwear! Great contrast of pink and black, I’m also a great fan of moulded, satin bras as they give you a fab shape.




5. Satin nouveau basqueSatin Nouveau Basque £59

I’ve never owned a basque. A combination of cost and when I got to the dress size I would have liked and felt confident to buy one, I fell pregnant. But this one is stunning :-).


What about you, any favourites?

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5 thoughts on “Lovely Lists: Five Bravissimo Underwear Sets for Bigger Busts”

  1. @Rose me too, they have changed my underwear shopping forever, same with swimsuits actually

    @Sarah it is, isn’t it? I think they do a matching silky dressing down for it too 🙂

    @youbabymemummy me too lovef the colours 🙂

  2. Sexy times!! I love a bit of leopard 🙂 You know, despite being a biggish boobied lady, I’ve never bought a bra from Bravissimo – always meant to but just haven’t!! I think I’ll go check em out next time I’m in town!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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