Lovely Lists: Five Funky Parkas

Five Funky Parkas

When it comes to my clothes, I often like things that are a bit different. I really like parka jackets at the moment, but I like them in patterns and slightly different styling. I have been thinking of getting myself a colourful or patterned one. Here are a few of my favourites I’ve come across.

Joules peony parka1. Joules Peony Parka £129

My love of floral print is coming through once more, but I absolutely love this Joules peony print parka, a bit too much for my budget sadly. But I think it’s stunning.



Boden green dot parka2.Boden Spring Parka (green dot) £110

After purple, green is one of my favourite colours. This a Boden one looks spring fresh.


Pink parka3.Lightweight Pink Parka £55

Because it’s pink and pink is awesome… Right?!



4. Joe Browns Floral Parka Style Mac £50

Joe Browns parks

I’m a huge fan of Joe Browns clothes, I just love them because they are so different.This parka is no exception.



Simply be parka5.Floral Print Parka Jacket £45

 I love this one so much, I am seriously think if of buying it. I have fallen for the bold floral print and colours.




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9 thoughts on “Lovely Lists: Five Funky Parkas”

  1. @Wendy thanks so much 🙂 it’s like virtual shopping! I agree such a shame the Joules one is just that bit too expensive.

    @youbabymemummy it’s nice isn’t it? In fact, i would happily have all of them in my wardrobe 😉

  2. I love these they are all very spring like. I also like the Joules one, lots of style. Good blog Laura very girly.

  3. @Loraine I think everyone is loving the Joules one!

    @Sharon I know… Maybe in the sale??

    @Donna Joe Browns are fab aren’t they, just a bit different 🙂


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