A Crisis of Content

Question markI’ve hit a bit of a mental blogger’s writing block with my blog. In that, I’m not sure what content to share. I have mentioned before what a phenomenal response I have had to my posts on the Cambridge Diet, so much so that over 80% of my site visits are people visiting those pages.

I am completley amazed by this, and thrilled to be helping and witnessing everyone’s fantastic weight-loss journeys. But it’s left me in somewhat of a conundrum – what should I write about on my blog?

I never intended for this to be a weight-loss blog you see. Although I will continue to write about weight-loss as I will be going back on the Cambridge Diet this year. I desperately need to lose my baby weight, so I do intend to write more about it.

I keep going to write posts and I’m just not sure if it’s the right thing to share given the type of visitors I’m getting. I have spent the last couple of months umming and ahhing about what to write, thinking of something and then thinking no that’s not right. Which has led me to here. Blocked…

Firstly, I’d love to here what kind of posts you’d like to read about on the blog. What sort of things would you like go read about, would you maybe be interested in guest bloggers sharing their experiences? Perhaps even being a guest yourself.

But, secondly I think I need to also stick to my initial plans. To write about all the things that make me tick, my love of stationery, handbags, motherhood, my pets, etc… So although I will continue to write about the Cambridge Diet, (trust me I really, really need to go back on it!) and will go back on it once I have stopped breastfeeding, I will also share different content too.

Thanks for sharing my journey and do please tell me what you would like to see me write more about :-).

Laura xxx

3 thoughts on “A Crisis of Content”

  1. For some ideas, I know that Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence has some stationery linkies she does and I participate in a few family related linkies that are always nice to read people’s posts for. I am sure that if you write about something people will read – I get most of my hits on old Weight Watchers posts BUT they’re not my readers, they’re just random searches from people on Weight Watchers or just starting out. Your regular readers will love to read whatever you wish to write about. Happy New Year Laura x

  2. Thanks so much for your advice Donna 🙂
    I have already drafted a posted for a Linky on Monday – what a great idea.
    Happy new year to you too xx

  3. Sounds like you are on to a winner with your diet plan. I’d keep up the good work and if you get a chance to add some family fun outdoors then fresh air and exercise goes so well with dieting and is perfect for kids and parents too. Good luck with your blog direction whatever you choose.


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