A Return to Blogging

Logan and I 2 months

It’s been over three years since I have written anything for this blog. The longer I’ve left it, the harder it seems to be to write something new and update it. It doesn’t help that my life has changed massively since I last wrote for this blog, the biggest and most amazing being that I am now a mummy.

Ok, yes lots of people are doing it, but for me this was a big deal. After being told by the consultant that she didn’t believe I would be able to conceive naturally, and after two and a half years of trying, I fell pregnant with my now 26 month old son Logan. This is undoubtedly a whole blog post in itself, so watch this space for more! I am also now amazingly pregnant with my second child, due May 2014 which my husband and I are delighted about.

Even though I haven’t written anything on my blog for several years, my post on My First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet still continues to be a fantastically popular page. This means a lot to me, because The Cambridge Diet has equally had an awesome impact on my life and I attribute it to me finally being able to lose weight, but more importantly finally falling pregnant. Again another blog post I think ;-).

I have more news to come on this, my weight has always been a constant battle in my life and I am trying to put tools in place to make this a thing of my past. Or at least more manageable. Including the decision to train to become a Cambridge Consultant myself. Which is very exciting.

My decision to resurrect this blog also comes after another big change in my life. My decision to give up work and for the moment to become a full-time Mum. A decision even when I was pregnant I never thought I would make! Simply because my career has always been very important to me. I just hadn’t quite expected to fall in love with my son and watching him grow and develop quite as much as I have. Motherhood has been a complete journey of discovery for me.

I am planning to write lots of things on this blog. But my weight-loss and motherhood will definitely be key topics. As well as my love of handbags and stationery. I also like to comment on pop culture items and pieces in the press.

This is just a quick post to say I’m back, thanks to everyone who has stopped by my blog even though I haven’t added anything new for three years. I hope you like the new design and the fresh content is on its way!

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