10 Things To Do Before List

At a wedding last month, some of my relatives were talking about their ‘bucket list’. You know, things to do before they ‘kick the bucket’.

Maybe it’s because I’m younger, but this is something I’ve never really considered before. So I thought, as I’m a lover of lists, that I would give it a whirl.

I don’t mean it in a morbid way, just a fun ten things I’d like to have done with my life before I finally meet my maker.

Here goes…

1.      First and most importantly …. become a Mum, a Gran and if I’m really lucky a Great Gran.

2.      To become a published author of a fiction book – preferably more than one

3.      Have a song or even an album recorded in a professional studio – it doesn’t have to ever be released. I’m happy for it to be just for me and the only person who will ever wear it out is my Mum

4.      Swim with dolphins – a touch cliché perhaps, but still…

5.      Go to Venice, Thailand, Paris, Lapland, New York, Niagara Falls and back to Barbados again  – yes they all count as one!

6.      Have a night at the Opera – don’t tell my singing teacher but, while I’ve been learning opera for years I’ve never seen a live, professional performance of one (shhh!). Anyone fancy going with me?

7.      Win an acknowledged award for something – not just a swimming certificate 😉

8.      Own a beetle cabriolet with customised art work  – ok it’s a bit materialistic, but I love them

9.      Have a house big enough to have a room that’s my very own library – it will probably never happen, but I can dream!

10.   Learn to dance… properly

What about you? What ten things do you want to do with your life? Share in the comments or why not even write your very own blog post on the subject? 🙂

2 thoughts on “10 Things To Do Before List”

  1. I’ve swam with dolphins – Before going I thought it was a bit cliche and a rip of for the tourists but it was fantastic. They love attention and being petted like dogs.

    I’ll go to the opera with you and I’d also listen to your album oh and read your books (am I winning some brownie points now! :o) )

    I’d also love to do some real travelling (not just sun bathing on a beach in Spain.

    Perhaps I will write my bucket list too.


    ps I don’t think you’ll ever be able to dance properly (he he – oh damn I’ve just lost those brownie points!)

  2. 1/ i have kissed a dolphin whilst in Jamaica on holiday which was fab next time i will swim with them (my son swam with the beautiful dolphin)

    2/ Just moved into my new home got lots to do but i love it…..

    3/ i want be with my man forever….. as he is the man of my dreams ……

    4/ Spending time with my grand children is very precious i treasure every moment…….

    5/ i love my family, my sons are my world i will write a book one day and share my life experiences it’s not always been smooth, i would not be the person i am if it was completely smooth,,,,,,,,we all learn from making mistakes good or bad ,,,,,,

    Laura ask the universe and you shall receive anything you want x The Secret (book)

    PS: i need to read it again too


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