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I made the mistake last school holidays, it was in hindsight a rookie error, and I took my children to a meet the pets event at a local pet store. Naively, I was not prepared for the pleading, the batting of eyelashes and the puppy dog eyes that followed as my children pleaded for a new pet. Also, quite honestly, I am a soft touch and I found myself the proud(ish) owner of some new guinea pigs.

I did not know at the time about Little Live Pets. For those of you made of sterner stuff than me, or just don’t have the option to own a pet, read on as I have a really good alternative for you. Very have sent us a collection of Little Live Pets which are the perfect alternative for pets, or a great way to get children ready for the responsibility of owning their first pet.

What are Little Live Pets?

Little Live Pets are toy, animated pets that do all sorts of cool things and are a great alternative to owning a pet. Depending on what animal your child chooses they can stroke them, feed them or even build a house for them. They are super cute. We were sent an amazing bundle to try out, so let me tell you all about them.

Little Live Pets Mama Surpise Guinea Pigs

Now I wish I had known about these before I gave in and bought guinea pigs as these are adorable. This is a mama guinea, she comes in a little house, she has her own straw your child can layout to make her home all cosy. Food to feed her and a brush to groom her. Then when she is happy (a little heart will appear on her chest) you can put her in her home (close the doors for privacy) and she gives birth. Now… just like in real life be prepared this is a slowish process (you can select fast mode), and you have to wait. Cue lots of waiting and peering through the doors, there was some singing… I am sure you can fill the gaps and a baby guinea appears (out of the ceiling) along with a little gift. There are 3 babies and you have to go through the whole process each time and it’s super sweet and the children loved it so much they made me put the babies back in the ceiling so they could do it all over again.

Little Live Pets My Puppy’s Home Playset

If your child is after a new dog, then the My Puppy Home Playset might be the pet for you. Be warned though, just like real dogs it snores (a little). Now with this set, your child is responsible for building their pet a home before it can arrive. It comes with a little kennel and screws and a hammer for them to put it together. Which is a fab addition. Then when the house is built, your new puppy arrives, complete with a water bowl (which is magical), bone and collar. The puppy makes cute noises, and likes to be stroked.

Little Live Pets Bright Light Chameleon

If your family is more of a reptile loving kind of family, then the Little Live Pets chameleon might be one for you. This cute little thing has super strong suckers which mean it can stick to lots of surfaces including windows and floors. It sings, lights up, and tells you when it’s happy and sad and it really is so adorable. The emotions are a really nice touch and shows children how to listen and look after a pet to make sure they are happy.

Little Live Pets lil Hamsters Playset

Fancy a hamster, but also do not fancy the idea of one escaping and running around your house? Then you need this ‘lil hamster. My favourite part is it even runs around its own little wheel making happy noises. It likes to be stroked and it comes with its own little cage that your little one can deorate and make all cosy for them.

Little Live Pets My Pet Piggly and My Pet Lamb

The pet piggly and pet lamb were a massive hit because the children got to take them for a walk. The make real animal noises, love cuddles and come with their own bottles so you can feed them. The noises they make when they feed is so sweet and the children kept giggling and cuddling them.

Little Live Pets Scruff a Luvs Real Pets and Cutie Cuts

These toys are at the lower maintenance end of the Little Live Pets collection. The cutie cuts come in a little bag and the children needs to take it out, cuts its hair and groom it to reveal their sweet new pet. The pet is a fun surprise inside, you don’t know what you’re going to get. The real pets is a rescue pet needing a new home. The pet needs a bath when you get it as its fur is all matted and caring for. Which is a really clever way to teach children about bringing a rescue pet into the home and how they might need to be cared for and supported to feel safe and loved.

Little Live Pets Review Verdict

These are really lovely toys. The way they work and interact is really thought through to cleverly engage with children. They would make a super present. But they are also a great way to either teach children the responsibility of caring for a pet or getting them used to the idea of bringing a new pet home. If you don’t have the space of capacity for a pet right now, they are a fun alternative that your child will have lots of fun with.

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