5 tips for creating a mini photo book

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Petite yet perfectly formed, a mini photo book is a wonderful way to display much-loved memories. Do you find you have a phone full of photos that never get printed? With mini photo books, you get all the benefits of a small photo album with the neat precision of professional printing. If you’re wondering where to start, read on for some handy tips.

Why make a mini photo book?

Mini photo books make thoughtful gifts. Whether it’s a small photo album showcasing pictures from your baby’s first year (ideal for grandparents) or a selection of romantic photos for your wedding anniversary, these books are packed with memories. Light and portable, they’re perfect for sending in the post and they’re also super quick to make with the myFUJIFILM photo book tool.

Small photo albums are also a great way to build up a library of favourite moments you can flick through when you’re feeling nostalgic. So why not make a mini photo book or two for yourself?

Top tips for a beautiful mini photo book

No matter the occasion, these helpful hints will make sure your photo books look sleek and high-quality.

  1. Check your photo resolution

The key to an eye-catching photo book is to make sure your image files are large enough for printing. If your photos are too small, they can end up looking blurry and pixelated. 

  1. Think about your format

Before you add your photos to your book, select a format. Square designs are great for transferring your Instagram feed into tangible keepsakes, while rectangular designs are ideal for landscapes and cityscapes. 

  1. Choose a theme

You can, of course, go for an eclectic mix of pictures. However, opting for a theme can help create a sense of cohesion throughout your mini photo book. This could be as simple as choosing the same background colour for each page. For a birthday photo book, why not add some fun celebration-themed frames?

Your theme can also run through your photo choices — for example:

  • Seasonal photo books — create a mini photo book to celebrate your favourite time of year. Think golden autumnal leaves, sunny snaps of summer holidays, or frosty festivities and Christmas memories.
  • A year in review — select photos that celebrate your favourite moments throughout the past twelve months. It’s sure to make you smile!
  • Baby’s milestones — a mini photo book is the perfect place to document your little one’s biggest moments. From their first day at home and meeting the grandparents to their first steps, add these special milestones to your photo album and select frames or backgrounds to match the moment. 
  1. Add some captions

A picture may say a thousand words but adding text can really elevate your mini photo books and enhance the memories within. Adding special dates and details can help you reflect and remember for years to come.

  1. Decide whether you want glossy or matte pages

Do you want shiny pages or something with more of a matte texture? Before pressing ‘print’, make sure you’ve selected your page type. With myFUJIFILM, you can choose between a gorgeous gloss finish for a vibrant look or lustre for a more subtle, traditional aesthetic.

Celebrate small and big moments with a mini photo book

Mini photo books are cute, versatile, and perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re creating a gift for a loved one or printing memories to look back on as the years pass. myFUJIFILM makes creating professional-quality photo books a doddle — in just a few steps, you can personalise and order high-quality mini photo albums and more. 

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