Pre-MOT Checklist -Simple Checks to Help You Pass Your MOT

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If you dread your annual MOT coming around every year because you have no idea whether your car will pass or not, perhaps this is because you are not entirely sure what the MOT inspector will be looking for? It is a simple matter to find and read through the MOT checklist before booking your MOT – and to take steps to make sure that your car is as MOT-ready as possible, once you have checked it out yourself, as far as possible. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and book your MOT – no matter whether you are in busy London or tranquil Berkshire – knowing that you have given your car the best possible chance of passing the MOT test first time out. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to help you pass your MOT test this year.

Check Your Tyres

As the only part of your car in contact with the road, your tyres are vital to you being safe and in control on the UK’s road network. You should get into the habit of checking your tyres regularly, even when your MOT isn’t due – in fact, your MOT is merely your proof that your car is roadworthy at the moment of the test, but your car should always be in a good state of roadworthiness, even if the MOT test isn’t due for a while. If your car’s tyres would cause you to fail your MOT, you should book a service immediately to bring your car up to these minimum safety standards.

Light It Up!

While London tends to be well-lit, Berkshire is not – but your car should always be able to cast a light on where you are going! Lights are the most common reason for an MOT fail, with a hefty thirteen percent of MOT fails being down to faulty lights. This is not all that surprising, however, when you look at just how many lights there are on a car: from the headlights and rear lights to brake lights and dashboard lights, interior lights and fog lamps – you get the idea! Check all your lights, with the help of a friend, make sure that all your dashboard lights are off, but in good working order, and change light bulbs, tighten fittings and give the light covers a wash – all of these can help you to sail through your MOT test.

Test Your Brakes

Your brakes allow you to stop, both gently, as you proceed in traffic, but also suddenly, should you ever need to perform an emergency stop. The failure of your brakes at any point is a serious breach of your roadworthiness and steps should be taken to make sure that this never happens. The garage you choose for the MOT testing should be able to complete the MOT test as quickly as possible without compromising on the thoroughness of the inspection. It is best advised to get your MOT testing done from the right professional. For London and the closeby localities – DAT Tyres offers MOT in London; you can either book online or call them here 020 8969 3030. 

Another important thing to note is that: both types of brake: your service (or regular) brakes and your handbrake (also called a parking brake or emergency brake) – should work well, responding quickly and smoothly when deployed to bring you to an appropriate stop as you need. 

Fill Up Everything!

Did you know that you can fail your MOT if your screen-wash bottle is not adequately filled? You can, so make sure that you have topped off all the fluids you can think of, from your oil and fuel (the MOT inspector needs to run your car for a while during the testing process and will need sufficient fuel to complete all their tests safely) to your brake fluid, radiator water and, of course, your screen-wash bottle which should contain a detergent-laden fluid. Mere water will not cut through grime and debris in the same way and will just leave smeary streaks on your windows which will actively reduce your visibility – which is not ideal at all!

Finally, make sure your car is clean and uncluttered when you take it for the MOT. While a bit of mess will not deter the MOT inspector, your car should be distraction-free and safe to drive, so you can only improve your odds by decluttering the car and making it as clear and pleasant a driving environment as possible.

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