Attending a Wedding? Here’s how to Look Fashionable

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Are you due to attend a wedding? If so then you need to make sure that you look the part. At the same time, the last thing you want is to upstage the bride and the groom. If you want some tips that will help you to look great then this is the guide for you.

Wear some Fine Jewellery

One way for you to look classy would be for you to wear some jewellery. This could include a pair of gold earrings or it could even include you wearing a bracelet. If you don’t have any fine jewellery then one thing you can do is try and borrow some. That will help you to add a touch of elegance to your outfit and it will also make you look way more put together. You can wear a large ring, bracelet or a statement piece. Either way, if you are opting for a statement piece, then make sure that it is the focal point of your outfit. If it isn’t then you may find that everything ends up looking cluttered and over the top. If you are going to a registry office wedding, you may be able to tone things down a bit, so be mindful of this.

Choosing a Colour Palette

When the time comes for you to choose a colour palette, you have to consider the season and the venue. You do want to avoid darker colours such as black or navy if you can. The main reason for this is because it will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. You don’t want to be shivering either, so make sure that you opt for something that reflects the weather. If you can do this, then you will be able to make a solid choice.

Wear the Right Shoes

The shoes you choose will either make or break your outfit. If you are wearing a very long dress then you will want to avoid flats if possible.  Instead, opt for heels or even wedges. This will stop your dress from dragging and it will also give you a bit of extra height. If you are wearing a short skirt then try and wear shoes that are comfortable for you to dance in. If you can do this then you won’t have to choose between being comfortable and looking great.

Wear a Fitted Suit

If you are a man then you need to wear a fitted suit. Just make sure that the case is well-tailored and that it fits you properly. You don’t want to look like your suit is drowning you. If you are unsure as to whether or not your suit fits, or if you need help choosing a suit then you can always ask the staff who are managing the store. They will be more than happy to help when it comes to choosing the right size. As a general rule, avoid a trendy suit. The main reason for this is that it looks like you are trying too hard and that you just don’t look the part. Look online for inspiration too, if you aren’t sure what to go for as this can be a great help.

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