REVIEW: Paj GPS Car Tracker A Device That Live Tracks Your Car

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Back in February, we bought a (new to us) family car. It’s rather swish and has all of these bells, whistles, and some buttons I haven’t even worked out how to use yet. It’s such a lovely car and I am really grateful for it. I didn’t really care too much about our previous vehicle, but this car is so lovely and a joy to drive.

One of my worries, especially when we are still paying for it every month is keyless car theft. This is a genuine concern for modern cars, and while we take precautions with a protective box to keep the keys in overnight, it’s something that is growing in regularity. If it bothers you too, then a Paj GPS car tracker might have a solution to help put all of our minds to rest.

What is a Paj GPS Car Tracker?

The Paj GPS tracker is a tracker that you put in your car, mobile home or even boat to track its location. It’s a relatively small device, I can fit it in my hand and it would easily fit in your glove box, and it comes with its own sim card. The device is rechargeable and the charge lasts for about 90 days. But most importantly it allows you to track on your phone the location of your car.

How to Install the Paj GPS Car Tracker

Now this is one of the things that I love, and it’s how easy and simple it was to install the Paj GPS. You simply charge the device, set up the app on your phone and put the tracker somewhere discreet in your car. That’s it, no complicated installation or specialist needed.

How Does the PAJ GPS Car Tracker Work

The PAJ GPS car tracker works via a Sim card inside the device. It works on a 4G network which can be tracked across 100 countries. You put an app on your phone which connects to the tracker and it enables you to see exactly where your car is all of the time. It stores your routes, so you can look back on them.

You can also set up lots of different alerts via the app for example if the car exceeds a certain speed, if it enters or leaves a certain area, it also notifies you when the battery is running low. I can see some of these features being really useful if you have a teen you lend your car too, as well as for theft prevention.

My Thoughts

This is a really clever tool and gives you peace of mind to keep track of your car in order to prevent it from being stolen. Cars aren’t cheap, often have high repayments and the last thing you want is to have a car stolen when you’re still paying for it. Of course, it will be insured, but sometimes things are irreplaceable or have sentimental value. I have a friend who maintains a perfectly preserved vintage car, insurance may be able to replace the monetary cost, but it will never be able to replace the car. My husband has a motorbike that was gifted to him by his uncle, again it’s not a bike that can be replaced and this is where the Paj GPS tracker comes into its own.

On top of the purchase price, there is a subscription price which is cheaper if you purchase annually or even on a two-year basis versus paying monthly which is something to consider. The app is very comprehensive with lots of functionality to give you peace of mind and keep track of your car and keep it safe. Overall the Paj GPS car tracker is simple, clever and very easy to use.

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