How to Find Your Personal Style

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Everyone has a signature style. When you watch shows or even movies on TV, you just instantly know what their style is after a few episodes. It’s essentially the same for cartoons and even books. You can even keep track of influencers or YouTubers, and it’s going to be a similar concept. You can say the same for your friends and loved ones; you can see an outfit and think, “Oh, that’s so (insert name).” But one question that comes up is finding that style. How can you find that personal style? Fortunately, there are some ways to discover your style; no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to do this self-discovery! 

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Start By Evaluating Your Closet

Whether you’re looking to hone your personal style or just want to know where to start, there are strategies that can help. One simple way to do that is by evaluating your closet. This means skimming through your wardrobe and paying attention to which clothes you wear the most, which ones have been tucked away for years, and what types of clothing you gravitate toward.

If you’re more of a math-minded person, try setting up an Excel spreadsheet to track what you wear and when you wear it. This can be more streamlined than old-school methods like using a notebook, and it can help you understand your current style limitations as well. Alternatively, you can also take photos of each section of your closet to give yourself a visual overview. Make sure to include shoes and accessories in these categories as well. Once you have this information, set up four piles – keep, store, donate, and sell. Chances are, you think you have a certain style when actuality, you don’t. 

Create a Wishlist

Whether you want to buy rings online or there is a designer bag you want to own, why not add it to a wishlist? Keeping a wishlist helps you keep track of what your style is, as well as how to put outfits together. You can use a website like Pinterest or go old school by using a physical scrapbook, pin board, or a folder on your phone to keep track of what you love. Alternatively, you can just make a Google Doc of items you really want and then just evaluate why you want each item. Chances are, there’s a theme that will help you figure out why you want it.

Take Photos

This is essentially piggybacking off of making a wishlist. Whether you use Pinterest to build a virtual mood board or cut out magazine pictures for a physical version, collecting photos that capture the look and feel you’re going for helps establish a style framework. This gives you a visual reference to refer back to when experimenting with new trends or trying out different styles. Having a specific framework to refer back to will help you avoid making big changes to your wardrobe all at once. Instead, make small tweaks gradually until you’ve uncovered a piece of your personal style that feels like a natural fit. Plus, this is also going to help you realise the difference between what’s trendy and what’s timeless too.

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