Fascinating Wedding Trends To Look Forward To This Year

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Weddings are a magical occasion. It is a beautiful moment to share with friends and family as you embark on a new journey and one of love! It is also a day you will remember forever, and you want that to be for the right reason. According to the UK Wedding Taskforce, about 278,599 weddings occur annually. And it seems that each year brings about new wedding trends. So, if you plan on walking down the aisle this year, here are some fascinating wedding trends to look forward to. 

  1. Putting aside the white wedding gown

Over the years, the option of the white dress is gradually being set aside. This is not to say it’s fading away entirely— it is too iconic too! However, several women are considering taking an option that fits their personality better and not focusing on just tradition. After all, the idea of a long flowing white gown is not every girl’s dream. Beautifully designed suits and jumpsuits have become the latest trend which seems to get bigger and better this year. 

  1. Outdoor weddings

Although outdoor weddings aren’t entirely new, they are becoming the most preferred wedding setting for most couples. There are limitless venues to choose from when choosing an outdoor wedding setting, such as a park, the beach, or a between location overlooking a beautiful landscape. Additionally, having your wedding outdoors heightens all senses of the guests, yourself, and your partner. This means everyone would be more present, taking in the beauty of the ceremony within the lovely set-up. During colder months, you can still add an outdoor wedding vibe to your indoor venue! For instance, an indoor venue with wide, huge windows overlooking beautiful landscapes can give you this. However, to ensure your outdoor wedding goes according to plan and is filled with extravagance, you should consider hiring a luxury wedding planner.  

  1. Men in the bridal train

In 2023, it is predicted that weddings will have more males of honours. Over the years, many brides have wondered how they could incorporate the special men in their life into their bridal train. Some trendsetters took the bold decision of including men in their bridal train– regardless of how strange it seemed. Fortunately, it seems this trend has taken off as more and more weddings have included men in the bridal train, and it’s great to see this trend will continue this year. So, if you’ve got a man you’d love to have as your male of honour, don’t hesitate to pop the question. 

  1. A theme of sustainability 

Weddings are not only cost-intensive but require a lot of resources. From decoration to providing electricity, your wedding affects the environment in some way. Couples have noticed this and opted for sustainable practices during the ceremony. Several couples have chosen to hold local weddings to reduce travel costs, opted for eco-friendly decorations, and even implemented various strategies to avoid food waste. This trend seems to be one that will continue in 2023.

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