BEN’S ZONE: Fashion Tips For Me

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It’s OK, you can say it. Looking good makes you feel good. However, as a man, knowing where to start with your fashion choices isn’t always easy. 

While I don’t even pretend to be some male fashionista or trendsetter, I’ve certainly picked up a few tips along the way. I hope the following advice will help you unlock your best look for years to come.

Comfort Equals Confidence

It’s great that you want to keep up with the latest styles and a little self-consciousness can be a good thing for your fashion choices. Honestly, though, you should not let outfit choices compromise your comfort. Otherwise, it will take a toll on your posture and self-confidence.

The value of accurate body measurements cannot be emphasised enough as ill-fitting clothes are a massive faux pas. Wearing the right eyewear, such as blue light glasses when in the office, is another wise move. Squinting all day will impact your look.

Make comfort the foundation of building your look and you will become happier for it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Simply Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Revamping your look doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to abandon your favourite styles or try something risky. In many cases, the most effective way to improve your fashion choices is to embrace quality materials that provide a better fit.

If you love contemporary sweatshirts and quality t-shirts, you can check out brands like about:blank. Materials like 630gsm cotton don’t only provide a superior look but will also retain their appeal for years. So, they are a great investment for the long haul.

Quality essential clothing will also provide the versatility to switch things up.

Invest In The Right Fit Of Jeans

Every man should own a few pairs of jeans. They are the ultimate choice for smart-casual and casual events alike. They work well with shoes, boots, or trainers. However, you will find that your style is compromised if you choose the wrong cut.

Slim tapered jeans are the best shout because they are roomy in the thigh but get narrow down the leg. So, you can avoid the flare look. Whether light, mid-blue, or black, denim jeans can be matched with trainers. Inspiration can be found at GQ.. It sets the tone for your outfit.

Better still, dressing to impress is easy when you have the right jeans. 

Don’t Forget Your Health

Sure, smart fashion choices can have a huge influence on your look. However, even the best artists can achieve better results when they have a better canvas to work from. Your natural appearances are at least partially a reflection of your health. Do not forget it.

A little skincare goes a long way. Using a night serum, regular hydration, and healthy sleep patterns will all help. Staying fit is another great step that will make your clothes fit better while also supporting your posture. Not to mention give you a confidence boost.

It’s a great tip for all ages but is especially rewarding as you get a little older. Enjoy.

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