The perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas: A quick guide

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Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? After the hustle and bustle of the Christmas and New Year period, getting through January can be incentive enough to show those closest to you just how much you appreciate them. Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, your closest friends, or your family members, finding the right gift will always be appreciated.

Valentine’s Day gifts for partners

If you’re choosing a gift for your significant other, opting for something personalised is always the best approach. Try to aim for something that reflects their personality or lines up with their interests and hobbies. We’re fans of:

  • Flowers

At least two in five women expect to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day, but everyone appreciates a beautiful bouquet. No matter your partner’s age, tastes, or gender, flowers make a wonderful gift to commemorate special occasions. 

Depending on where you live, you might also be able to find a local florist who’d happily create a bespoke bouquet featuring their favourite seasonal blooms too.

  • Practical presents

Valentine’s gifts don’t need to be solely romantic. Giving a practical gift means that you’ll be able to see your partner use it time and time again, and it could even become a necessary part of their routine. 

For example, if they love running, why not gift them a new pair of technical running shoes? Or, if they’re into technology, an accessory to help them upgrade their favourite device could be a fantastic idea.

  • Jewellery

High quality jewellery is a great choice for your partner, especially when it’s chosen with a thoughtful touch. Birthstones make a great choice to celebrate individuality; so too do luxury watches, diamond rings, and beautiful matching sets from the biggest brands. 

Or, if you’re on a budget, you can still find eye-catching pieces at accessible price points too. 

  • A weekend away

If you’re lucky enough to have flexibility this year, booking a short break could be a brilliant way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose a cosy cabin in a secluded spot or a Scandi-style apartment with a view, taking a couple of nights for some time together could provide a much-needed change of scenery.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day for friends

If you’d prefer to make Valentine’s Day an occasion for your girlfriends, a gift exchange could be a wonderful way to make some new memories together. A few of our favourite gift ideas for besties on Valentine’s Day include: 

  • Cosy gloves to keep warm through winter
  • Custom jewellery, maybe with your name on it
  • Board games to play together
  • Care packages – perhaps featuring skin care products, chocolates, and hot drinks
  • Scented goodies, like candles
  • Exercise equipment like yoga mats

Regardless of who you’re buying a Valentine’s gift for, try not to get too worried about the details. Above all, it’s an opportunity for you to show your partner how well you know them, so try to make it personal – and enjoy spending a little bit more time together, too.

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