Creating A Photoshoot Feature Wall with Photowall – Review

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Back in 2020, during our brief autumn respite from lockdown, my family and I had a gorgeous photoshoot with local photographer Lisa Rogers from And Then She Clicked. We had an amazing afternoon with her and absolutely loved the photos she took of us as a family. They were a lovely memory in the middle of two bleak lockdowns. Then the photos, which we love, have sat a little neglected on my computer’s hard drive.

At the beginning of this year, we did a huge renovation project in the downstairs of our house, pulling up floors, ripping out the mantlepiece, and having the walls re-plastered. Which combined with my back injury was interesting, to say the least! And while the new floor was put in in April, because my surgery was in June the nice touches and accessories had to wait until I was feeling better. So it was great timing that I was approached by Photowall to see if I would like to review some of their products. I was already planning to do a photo wall of the gorgeous images from our photoshoot, so it was a perfect collaboration.

Photowall make top quality well decor to give your rooms a new look and feel. They sell a mixture of their own prints and posters for you to choose from which are handpicked, but you are also able to upload your own images and have them turned into prints, wallpapers, canvases or posters. For the purposes of this review, I uploaded our own photos and had canvases printed.

If you wish to put together your own photo wall, here are a few tips that worked for me. I started by measuring the available space and then on a piece of paper, roughly plotted this out. I created a folder of my favourite photos from the shoot in order to whittle down which ones I wanted to use for the wall. I then looked on Photowall to see what sizes of canvases they had together and selected what pictures that would work for different sizes and sketched them out on my paper checking all of the measurements.

Once I had decided on the images, where they were going to go and what sizes, I simply uploaded the images onto Photowall, selected the size, checked how the image fitted, and added them to the basket and placed my order. Their website was very simple and easy to use and the delivery arrived promptly.

As you can see I am really pleased with how the canvases from Photowall have turned out. Their beautiful quality and look great printed. They have added a lovely memory and stunning feature to our front room. I’m genuinely really pleased with them and they keep making me smile.

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Creating A Photoshoot Feature Wall with Photowall. How I created a photo wall from a family photo shoot with canvases from Photowall

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