Movie Posters Reimagined to Raise Awareness of Plastic Pollution

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Plastic Pollution is something that everyone in the world is affected by. Whether you’re a city- metropolitan who has to carefully split your recyclables or a coast-dweller who sees plastic bottles and fishing nets floating in the sea. 

In late 2021 it was revealed that around 74% of fish fillets and 63% of livers had at least one microplastic present in them. It is alarming when you consider that microplastics were only first identified in the 1970s. Along with the dire health risks, both to humans and our fellow planetary inhabitants, there are also the visual and physical taints that plastic pollution can cause. This includes cases like a lagoon in Argentina’s southern Patagonia turning pink and emitting a foul odour. Researchers estimate that up to 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. Much of that is washed up on beaches such as Bali’s Kuta and Legian beaches, where 60 tonnes of plastic rubbish are collected daily.

To bring awareness to this sensitive subject, Oceans Plastic Free has created a campaign to bring attention to the devastation that plastic Pollution can cause by creating a handful of reinvented movie posters themed around the ocean, showing viewers what they would look like in today’s polluted oceans. 

With Jason Momoa recently shaving his head in an attempt to bring greater awareness about cutting single-use plastics “out of our lives and out of our seas.”, this aptly timed poster for his iconic Aquaman role just highlights how important it is to reduce our single-use plastics and try to adapt our day to day routines to be more environmentally friendly.

Looking after our oceans has always been a top priority for our generation so that we might protect and preserve our ecosystems. From saving Leatherback Turtles by stopping plastic bag usage to preventing blockages and floods caused by pile-ups of pollution. By changing our habits to how we live and shop, we can help make the planet a stable and comfortable place to exist.

If you would like to get involved with helping make our oceans plastic free, you can start by making choices such as reducing your usage of single-use plastic bottles and using reusable bottles. If and where you can, try to take advantage of local opportunities, such as making use of Aldi’s refillable cleaning bottles, which can reduce the cost of your cleaning products and encourage reusing your containers. 

By making these small changes to our lives, we can help protect our environment and our future!

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