Why a trip to Harry Potter World is a treat for Wizards and Muggles Alike 

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Do you believe in magic? Are you willing to come and see it for yourself? While the real term for this fascinating world is actually Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios, it has come to be known as Harry Potter Studios and even Harry Potter World by fans of the books and films. 

But what’s so special about this place? And what can it offer true fans of this wonderful film and book series? Keep reading to find out where the true magic of Harry Potter World lies. 

It’s full of fascinating pieces and props from the films 

Get up close and personal with wands from some of the heroes (and villains) of one of the most popular stories ever told! The dark arts are indeed on display, with wands belonging to Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy, and even ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ laid out for Potter fans to look at and enjoy.

And it doesn’t just end at wands and props, either. Booking Harry Potter World tickets means you’ll have access to the incredible souvenir shop as well, offering Hogwarts house scarfs, sweets, wands, and a whole host of other magical items to take home and practice your own magic tricks with!

It truly feels as if you’ve entered a magical world

Did you ever fantasise about climbing on board the Hogwarts Express, or visiting Diagon Alley? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to know how it feels to sit in the Great Hall, or what the smell of Dumbledore’s office may be like at Hogwarts? 

Well, you’d never need to fantasise again when you take a trip to Harry Potter World. Why? Because you can actually do all of these incredible things right there! It’s no joke to say that you’ll be entering a completely new world that’s full of impossible things, colourful familiar characters and more magic than you can shake a wand at! 

Dining in the great halls of Hogwarts

Sometimes, just to add even more magic to this whimsical world, the studio tour will open those great halls of Hogwarts and allow visitors to dine and feast together. Imagine sitting in that incredible hall and spending time with other witches, wizards, and muggles. 

While it’s rare for this to happen, it adds to the fun and mystery of the tour and adds a little more excitement to what is already an immersive and emotional journey for Potter fans. 

An interactive museum that’s a must-see for all true Potter fans 

Locations, props, and interactive experiences are what make a Harry Potter tour so very special. Unlike many other box office film experiences, every effort has been made to make a place for fans to congregate and celebrate this fascinating world together for an unforgettable experience. 

In fact, many regular visitors to Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios agree that the entire place is essentially a love letter to dedicated fans. And whether real or not, isn’t that what’s truly magical about going somewhere and experiencing something new?

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