5 Proactive Ways to Be More Organised

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Few of us are naturally organised people, many of us have to put in the time and effort to ensure that things run smoothly in our lives. There are a million ways you can organise the different systems and areas based on your lifestyle, but here are a few to get you started if you’re fed up with being disorganised!

Keep a to-do list

Adulthood for most of us is busy and full of responsibilities. Juggling a demanding job, a social life, children, personal appointments and more isn’t always the easiest. So get into the habit of writing things down- times, dates and locations so you can be certain you always know where you need to be and there’s no worry of double booking yourself. Along with a running to-do list, utilise your smartphone’s calendar app, and write down all details of places you need to be. Set reminders for the day before and second reminders for a couple of hours before and you can be confident that you have yourself together. 

Improve your timekeeping

Punctuality is important. Whether it’s for work, children’s school or just a meet with a friend- when you need to be somewhere by a certain time then it really reflects badly on you if you’re constantly missing the mark. Improve your timekeeping by getting more organised, pack any bags or items you’ll need the night before to avoid a last-minute rush. Aim to leave earlier so you’re always a little early, that way if you do come across delays then you have a little wiggle room. Some people find that wearing a physical watch (as opposed to using their smartphone for the time) can help. Invest in a beautiful timepiece, you could check out what your favourite designer has on offer like these most popular Patek Philippe watches

Empty your inbox

Digital communication accounts for most of our communication these days. From bills to doctors, children’s schools and more- most of the important notes you receive are likely to come through to your email. So if yours is bursting with spam and useless newsletters that you don’t even read then you risk missing something important. Spend some time unsubscribing from things that aren’t relevant. Sweep and block junk email and ensure you’re keeping on top of things to stay organised. 

Meal plan

Do you spend too much money on food, and waste far too much of what you buy? Do you find yourself not knowing what to cook each evening and end up resorting to unhealthy and expensive takeaways more often than you’d like? Start meal planning! Gather a number of recipes you like the look of- you could Pin them on Pinterest, save web pages on your computer or collect recipe cards. Then each week, choose six or seven meals and purchase the ingredients needed for each thing. It saves you from buying things you won’t use, and you always know what’s for dinner. 

Make home organising part of your regime

Finally, keeping an organised home is important to live an organised life. On a semi-regular basis, go through places in your home like your wardrobe, your desk, your kitchen pantry and your garage. Get rid of what you’re no longer using to make space for things you do need and use.

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